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Sigh...eventually I would learn never, ever to use my own cursive writing. My printing is bad enough. I still kind of like the pocket watch in the last panel, though.

Leon Arnott (l) says: Awwwwwwww. Mr. Davenport looks so happy.

Unwanted corrections: Roman numerals on the pocket-watch please, Miss.

"Poison darts and bayonets to the groin" should be enough of a hint that the forthcoming events are likely to be a little... anachronistic in flavour.

I also choose to disagree with your personal assessment concerning your control of the quill! Your line is a veritable ballet. To value it only by its readability is reproachable!
Dave III (dave_iii) says: Leon is quite correct, the cursive script is by far the superior choice, and wholly appropriate for the the context. Perhaps it's only fault, if indeed there is any, is that the specifc block of text so represented is perhaps a trifle verbose, but this too is appropriate in context. In addition to this, there is something peculiarly unique to Victorian-style prose that induces a person, when exposed thus to become like-wise... um, wordy.
Rachel S. (masamage) says: Hear hear! Let's not forget that actual Victorian cursive script is harder to read than that.
Edwin Quantrall (reynard) says: "Gentlewoman Mad Scientist"

LOL! That's got to be the best line in the whole story...

Terry Smith (tjlsmith) says: Dave shouldn't have hesitated to call women the weaker sex. Victorians entertained no doubt.
Randy Goldberg (drgaellon) says: Terry: Perhaps taken as a whole... but Mr. Davenport surely doubts whether Ms. Narbon and Ms. Kelly are in any wise "weaker"...
Chasing Darkness (chasingdarkness) says: Hmmm...has Helen always been lefty, and I just never noticed? Or is it Ms Narbon who's lefty, in an odd turn-around with the rest of the Victorian silliness hilariousness makes-me-very-happy-ness...oh dear, I'm going to have to go check, aren't I? It's not like I can resist...
Beth Bever (dementron) says:

I like that Dave's mysterious tobacco-related power is strong enough to make even a pipe hover in front of his open mouth. That's quite a lot heavier than a cigarette.

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