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Hey! Chapter Two of the Victorian serial! I think I originally intended to change the cover illustration from time to time, but I never did. Drawing the serial was always time-consuming enough.

Daniel Ross (nentuaby) says: This would be an appropriate time to reiterate my desire to purchase a magazine-bound edition of the Astonishing Adventures.
Leon Arnott (l) says: Hey! If the scene in this drawing is really on the moon, then where are the stars? Obviously, this is actually a depiction of a suitably prepared stage within a most Earth-bound playhouse!

(Yeah, yeah, I know...)
Dan Knapp (dankna) says: Obviously, Victorian-era film doesn't have the dynamic range to capture both ground and stars at once. :)
(Actually, neither does 21st-century film.  At least not in a scene like this.)
Dave III (dave_iii) says: Well, obviously you can't see the stars. It's nighttime. ^_^
Rae Stewart (rae) says:

Actually, it's because the earth is full in the sky. The earthglow drowns out the stars. A full moon has the same effect on earth -- even in a large city, you're able to see more stars when the moon is new or crescent than when it's full.

Now as to whether the Victorians would have known that.... I've no idea.

Paul Anderson (pmanderson) says: Homer says the opposite for the earthly viewer: Around the full moon shine the splendid stars. And, on the moon, doesn't this depend on the moon having an atmosphere?
Daniel Ross (nentuaby) says:



No. It's not actually the radiant light that's the problem, it's the viewer/camera's inability to see both very bright and very dim things at the same time. Iris dilation/exposure time adjust down too far from dealing with the bright. For the same reason, if there were long shadows in this scene, they'd be utterly impossible to see into.  

Daniel Ross (nentuaby) says:



Ms. Narbon also appears to depend on the moon having an atmosphere! As we all know, Victorian physics and cosmology were quite different.

Paul Anderson (pmanderson) says: Ms. Narbon also appears to depend on the moon having an atmosphere! That's the Invisible Narbon Breathing Veil (pat. pend.)
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