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Six months in, I figured it was time for a guest week. Again, I'm very lazy. It just took me a while to rope some poor sucker into drawing the strip for me.

By now it's clear that Dave doesn't like me. It's hard to blame him, frankly.

Yes, I used an actual Post-It on the first panel there.

Leon Arnott (l) says: I've got to say that I'm quite enjoying the "Meta-Narbonic" story that's been going on these Sundays. The Helen/Dave Barker feud, Dave's antagonist toward your unflattering juvenile cartooning and adoration of Mr. Farago's masculine graphical-artistry...

At this point, you weren't actually producing the strips on a "once a day" basis, were you? I suspect that this was after you adopted the "five-at-a-time" approach, and before you'd outsourced all drawing to the Korean animation sweatshops.

Mell arm splays: 3.

(This comment is dedicated to AKOM.)
BlackWolfe Coyoten (blackwolfe_coyoten) says: My favorite metastory was definitely the "Dave vs. Shaenon" story.  This is priceless stuff, IMO.
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