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Ah, the Haiku-Off. Genius. This started when Ed Wells started posting tech support questions on the mailing list in haiku form:

Click "Previous". Blink.
Heart falls! Black Screen of Squid Ink!
Typo in the link.

After everyone traded haiku posts for a while, I realized, in a flash of uncharacteristic brilliance, that I could exploit them. I announced the First Annual Narbonic Haiku-Off and sat back to let the haiku roll in.

I love it when I don't have to write my own comics.

Leon Arnott (l) says:
Surely for today
a haiku commentary
would have been fitting?
Leon Arnott (l) says:
"Yes, I admit it
I'm out of Sunday ideas
So I'll leech off you.
--Shaenon, 19 Jan. 2001
Dave III (dave_iii) says:

Haiku, to be sure

Should capture a moment, but

These were quite fun, too.

Matt Katinas (nidoking) says:

Red skirt, blue collar

Surely Mell has fashion sense!

Where did this come from?

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