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This strip is, of course, pretty damn silly, but it's where Artie's personality officially coelesces. Throughout "Smart Gerbils" and the first part of "Dr. Narbon," I don't quite have a handle on him, but what we have here is pretty much Artie as he will be for the rest of Narbonic: a well-meaning, doggedly progressive, frequently misguided organizer and peacemaker cast amid people who live to blow things up and are as organizable as a herd of cats (and Artie doesn't do well with cats). But he keeps plugging away. Poor dumb little supergenius.

Kevin Mowery is the ex-boyfriend glimpsed in the background of the second Narbonic strip. Steven Chin was an intern at the Cartoon Art Museum who apparently made the mistake of looking at Narbonic at some point. Jeffrey Johnson hails from the old MST3K Usenet group.

Leon Arnott (l) says: Bothering to anatomically colourise Mell's thumbnail causes it to stand out as a slightly disconcerting spike in the level of realism in your art style. In my opinion.
(Like, you wouldn't start drawing lower eyelashes and tear-ducts on your characters whenevr you use an extreme close-up, would you?)
Chris Gleason (bkitu42) says: Now was that Jeffrey Johnson or the other Jeffrey Johnson?
Bill Livingston (billfl) says:

Chris Gleason (bkitu42) says: Now was that Jeffrey Johnson or the other Jeffrey Johnson?

 It doesn't matter - Jeffrey Johnson was Jeffrey Johnson as was Jeffrey Johnson as were we all Jeffrey Johnson.  Every one exceot the fish, that is.

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