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Yes, I'm being very silly and self-indulgent here. Let me have my fun on Sundays.

An old-school Nixon supporter chided me about Helen's T-shirt here. It's based on a vintage button I used to have. Man, I wish I still had that button.

Incidentally, I drew Helen's boobs really big in some of these panels.

James Rice (jhrice) says: This is one of my all time favorite Sunday strips.  In some ways it is the iconic Sunday strip. It's clever, cute, well drawn, and breaks the forth wall in a way similar to, but opposite of, Duck Amuck.   A year or two ago, Shaenon was doing a fund raiser for a fellow cartoonist, so I bought this strip.  
Leon Arnott (l) says: I never could get the hang of underdrawing.
David Harmon (mental_mouse) says: And, of course, there's that touch of foreshadowing... but darn, the island's just not the same without Dave...
A V (venthus) says:

Just had to register to say that as a result of reading this, I jokingly recommended a box of wine for my mother who wanted a "really cheap red", which came out to 1.92USD/L.

She likes it more than the collection of 100USD+ bottles on my dresser. 

Wallace Good (good_the_third) says: I used to have that button too.  It was a good button.  Just not very well designed for staying put.
Camille Dumas (camidumas) says:

I have that very "IMPEACH NIXON" button -- a metal button, with  white text on blue.  It was given to me a few years ago, by a friend who acquired it when the concept of impeaching Nixon was still relevant.  I wore it fairly regularly until the pinback came loose and it was a good conversation piece (and generally considered funny by my fellow Canadians).  Coincidentally I saw the button last night in a Stuff Box so I know I still have it.  It was next to my "Ethnics for Reagan-Bush '84" pin (which I consider funnier).

(Hrm, if I put a modern pinback on the Nixon button I could wear it again.  Although it goes over better when people dislike the president.)

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