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This is the first of two times that Victorian Mell beats the crap out of an enormous monster at Helen's command. She's like an attack dog in this storyline. I don't think present-day Helen ever has present-day Mell this well trained.

I cannot stress enough that the Victorian story was mostly made up as I went along. However, even in the earlier installments I knew Madblood was lying about having invented the fish craft. I mean, just look at his lying beardy face.

Eventually I stopped drawing those creepy lips on the Hapax Legomenon, but not soon enough.

Rachel S. (masamage) says:

"I certainly hope you did!"

This kind of thing never, ever gets old. 

Leon Arnott (l) says: Venusians? Well weally, why did you have to complicate the Earth-to-Moon story with a whole other planet entirely? It's not as if la lune isn't teeming with enough astounding natives already...
John Campbell (jcampbel) says:

I love Helen's use of "extend the hand of human friendship" as a euphemism for "do unspeakable violence".

Though I suppose when you're talking to Mell, everything becomes a euphemism for "do unspeakable violence". 

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Mell's grin is great! Creepy, but great.
NigaiAmai Yume (nigaiamai_yume) says: "Extend the hand of human friendship" reminds me of my first Vampire LARP - I went around asking people that annoyed me if they wanted to be my "bunny". Which only made sense to me and my friends playing, since they're the only ones that heard me wanting to buy bunnies to play on the lawn of the house. Which, in game, was electrified.
Aaron Shades (prof_tinker) says:

Oh, stop complaining Leon. I find it makes the final chapter so much more satisfying when they finally get there.

And for the record: The hand of human friendship is PAINFULL.

Joseph Abbott (faxpaladin) says: Hey, when all you have is a bazooka, everything looks like a tank...
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