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Kerry is my aunt. And, yes, that's my actual mother dressed as the God of Boxed Wine. I don't make these things up. I'm not creative enough.

I never did get to see what my uncle Harold looked like as Dave. He's a beardy computer technician who used to chain-smoke. The role would not be what you'd call a big stretch for him. Actually, Harold was pretty much my model for nerdiness when I was growing up, and certain aspects of Dave's character (like the smoking) probably owe a lot to him. Kerry was my model for everything else in life.

Leon Arnott (l) says: Curly-haired Mell? Blonde Mell? Apologetic Mell? None of those concepts make sense to me.
Aaron Shades (prof_tinker) says:

Your boss acting like Chico Marx is a pretty good reason for *anyone* to be apologetic.

And she isn't blond; Harpo had a *red* wig. It only looks blond in the black and white photos and films.

(geek knowledge, go!) 

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