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James Rice, creator of this pinup, was kind enough to provide Director's Cut commentary on it. Take it away, James!

By the time this movie poster came out, I had been reading Narbonic for about three months. I had seen a number of Shaenon's posters, and had e-mailed back and forth to her a few times. I had had an idea for a Narbonic movie poster for her to do based on the move AI which had come out six months before. Shaenon suggested that I do the poster instead, (at this point I had no idea how lazy she was) *grin*. I was skeptical, but I gave the idea a shot, using a computer instead of hand drawing, and I was surprised at how well it came out. I sent it to Shaenon, who immediately asked if she could run it as a Sunday strip, which was a very pleasant shock. I have no idea why I chose to make the poster "Gerbil Intelligence" instead of the far more obvious "Artie Intelligence". I assume I had a good reason then, but for the life of me, I can't fathom what it might have been.

Meanwhile, Tiff Hudson sent me this buttergerbil (gerbilfly?) image, which he feels would make a good cover for the long-awaited Narbonic Volume 6. I agree. More flying gerbil pictures from Tiff soon...

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Tyler Wright (tylgar) says:

Adorable!  Love the flying gerbil pic.

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