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Well, here's a historic moment. Late in 2001, Narbonic started to take off, at least to the point that my very small site was going over its bandwidth allotment on a regular basis. At around the same time, I was contacted by Joey Manley, an opinionated Kentucky colonel living in the Bay Area. Joey was working for a dot-com startup but could see the crash coming, and, as he explained it to me, he'd decided to take advantage of his flush bank account and impending unemployment to do what he really wanted to do with his life. For reasons that remain a deep mystery to this day, what he wanted to do was run a webcomics site.

I don't know how Joey found me, but he came along at exactly the right moment. I needed free hosting for the burgeoning Narbonic archives, and I'd started to think that maybe it would be nice if I could find a way for my comic to make some money too. I'm still kinda working on that one. But the free hosting is nice.

Relentlessly affable comics theorist Scott McCloud was an early supporter of Modern Tales, so I drew this strip in the style of his very useful book Understanding Comics. By this time Andrew and I were living together, and the badly-out-of-perspective drawing table in the first panel is his. Of particular note is the little posing mannequin painted and dressed up as Artemis Nightmare, the villain in a comic Andrew was working on at the time. I almost never draw at the drawing table, but I figured this would be simpler than drawing myself sitting crosslegged on my bed, drawing on a sheet of Plexiglass balanced on my portfolio.

Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) says: You're not fooling anyone...Andrew Farrago will pose nude for free.
Tyler Wright (tylgar) says:

I'm rather scared at how you'd know that, Dave....

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