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I'm not crazy about the commentary I drew for this one. The colors are too garish, for one thing. For some reason I put Helen in the tweed suit I usually drew on Dave, at least until Dave bought a new suit at the beginning of "Mad Science Is Decadent and Depraved." Helen looks pretty good in it, for what it's worth. But really, these commentary strips could be better.

But it's all okay, because this is the first of many Sundays featuring art by Dirk Tiede! Dirk and I both had comics in the original Modern Tales launch lineup; in fact, Dirk's comic, Paradigm Shift, is still going strong at MT. We hit it off at the San Diego Comic-Con and ended up becoming good friends. Of course, everybody likes Dirk. He's a friendly guy. Much later, I drew him and his laser-scientist girlfriend (now wife) into Narbonic as inhuman grant recipients.

This rendition of Helen was the first drawing Dirk did for me. He got more ambitious with each subsequent Narbonic character he drew. As I have my characters comment on the next page, she has a "Tenchi Muyo" kind of look, which is probably appropriate. (For what it's worth, I edited the Tenchi manga for Viz for a while.)

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Woo! DT Helen is HOT (as if she wasn't hot already). Go Dirk Tiede!
Leon Arnott (l) says: This particular Helen looks surprisingly... vicious.
Matt Katinas (nidoking) says: Apparently, she forgot that she needs a gem on her right wrist in order to control her creations. *wink*
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