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ANDREW FARAGO WRITES: This wraps up the week's worth of Narbonic fill-in strips that I did. My lettering's not too bad in that last panel, and I managed some pretty expressive faces, so that's good. I'm a little bit better at drawing now, as seen in my current comic, The Chronicles of William Bazillion, which updates every Wednesday. Check your local listings for the time and channel.

I think the big exaggeration here is the notion that I would've spent nine full hours reading the most popular webcomics earlier this decade. There were only about four strips online at the time, and two of them were just that screen saver with the toaster that had wings on it.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: I know (sort of) what you mean, though. Of the top ten comics on (a webcomics site), at least 3 feature lesbians as a major part of the premise or plot.

(sigh) Where's some nice Mad Scientists when you need them?
Leon Arnott (l) says: "Worse than Sally Forth"? Come now, such a comparison is a bit rough on Francesco Marciuliano, don't you think?
Rachel S. (masamage) says: Oh man, I loved the Flying Toaster screensaver.
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