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So, yeah, I drew this when Tom Hart and I launched Trunktown. Trunktown was really hard to write. It starts out pretty badly, but it gets better, and by the end it's really good. Tom and I did one year-long storyline. We always meant to do more "seasons" of Trunktown, but we've never gotten around to it.

Tom currently teaches classes in cartooning and inspires still more generations of cartoonists.

Most of the autobio Sundays were drawn very quickly without penciling first, so please excuse the general crappiness of the art. I'm sorry; I thought it would seem more natural and stuff.

As you can see in the second panel, although my high-school bedroom was decorated with Sandman pinups, I had not gotten rid of my childhood wallpaper, which had hearts and bluebirds. The effect was pretty unfortunate.

Oh, Big Buddha's Comics and Sports Cards. You were an oasis in the desert. (Later a burglar broke in and stole all the sports cards, and it became just Big Buddha's Comics.)

Christy Houston (neverendingrain) says:

I was actually Death for Halloween a couple of years ago (my best friend was Delirium and it was amazing), but I definitely don't have Sandman pinups. ...I should find some!

 This is a perfectly good excuse for me to finally read Trunktown. I've been meaning to for ages, and I will start it now!

David Tallan (dltallan) says: I notice the shout out to Thieves & Kings in panel 5. Certainly one of my favourites of the B&W independents. Of course, I'm biased. M'Oak (the creator) was our roommate for a couple of years and shared a studio with Tara. We got our start as a full sized comic with a back up story in T&K (issue #16). 
Shaenon Garrity (shaenongarrity) says: I won second place in the Thieves & Kings 3-page comic contest! And I think I started reading Galaxion because of the T&K story.
David Tallan (dltallan) says: We were sharing a studio with M'Oak at the time of the contest. So we saw the entries as they came in. IIRC, the 3 page story took place in the Narboniverse, in the HQ of Helen Narbon Sr.
Cathy Fylling (al-jazi) says:

We dressed up Bryan Lambert at a long-ago Minicon in Minneapolis as "the REAL Death"; i.e., as a ticked-off, grouchy, unshaven man, complaining that he'd come to take Neil Gaiman away, and that he'd only been stopped by Neil promising to improve his image..."and THIS is what he did to me!!!" [holding up a copy of "Death, The High Cost of Living", and speaking in a grating East Coast accent] It was mainly done to irritate the many, many young women who used to turn up dressed in some vague facsimile of Gaiman's Death character.

Nick Alcock (nix) says: Shaenon, I hope your parents didn't inflict the same trick on you that mine did on my sister in her goth phase, probably at around the same time as yours. She wanted to paint her bedroom black, but my parents hated the thought of a black-painted bedroom (try repainting it any other colour, I dare you). So they said, sure, you can do it! But you have to do *all* of it, buy the paint, do the painting, everything. This put a somewhat different complexion on things. So she got a bunch of black bin liners, cut them up and hung them up on the walls. And it looked far better than black paint ever would have. With multiple layers of the things it was like solid black spiderwebs. I wasn't into the goth thing (sibling rivalry perhaps) but even I was creeped out.
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