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Aaand the setup for the next chapter. Again, I pretty much wrote the Victorian storyline as I went, so I had no grand plan for any of this. Whatever I thought might be entertaining went into the story, regardless of whether it would make a whole lot of sense down the line.

Leon Arnott (l) says: Suddenly splitting the cast between two entire planets surely must have seemed, even at the time, to be a slightly overconfident move. Split casts have a strange narrative tendency of resisting the natural forces of gravity that ought to bring them back together!

That's the end of Madblood's hat, it seems.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Mars!
David Harmon (mental_mouse) says: And tropewatching:  New in this episode, we've got "...that's my wife", and an instant-tranquilizer dart,  (PS to Madblood!Victorian:  Those Congolese blowgunners don't use tranks....)
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