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I really wanted a robot battle anthem in this storyline, but I'm not very good at writing amusing lyrics, so I decided to hold a contest and have the readers do it for me. This had the added benefit of allowing me to fill the Sundays with weeks and weeks and WEEKS of runner-up lyrics. Bite me, I was always running out of stuff to run on Sundays.

The borders and illustrations are all from an online archive of 19th-century songsheets.

Rob McCarthy is a friend and Viz coworker. Much later in Narbonic, he costars with my husband in the Sunday feature "Continuity Repairs with Rob and Andy."

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says: Well, fiddlecakes.  A comment from me today would just be redundant, y'know?  If only I hadn't discovered Narbonic three-and-a-half years too late.
Rockphed (rockphed) says: Ed, you can filk all you want.  We like your filks.
chic geek (onechicgeek) says: Filkings...nothing more than filkings....trying to forget my not filking Madblood!
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