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On second thought, this is even better.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says:
Leon Arnott (l) says:
"Hey, now, while I concede the "anthem" part, you gotta admit mine had the right flavor for "battle". Repeating "Crush, Kill, Destroy" again and again will destabilize any enemy's morale. Especially if you accompany it with the Lost In Space theme (written by John Williams, did you know that?) on a battery of bagpipes."
-Dave III, 19 Jan 2003
Kendal Reed (auditors) says:

I dunno... "We will fly and burn and slice" (the Toclafane, Doctor Who, new series, series 3, episode 12: The Sound of Drums, scene quite possibly only included in full version and not aired on your favorite TV channel) has always been my favorite morale-destroying thing to repeat in a creepy voice in (preparation for) battle.


That's right, I know enough of them to have a favorite. Anyone who's thinking about battling me better not let me have a megaphone.

Tyler Wright (tylgar) says:

I'm actually imagining this to the tune of some of the background music for Command and Conquer.  It works quite well.

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