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The best Sunday strip of all, even though it has some of the worst art. I drew it freehand, without penciling anything, on the floor at Derek Kirk Kim's place, where we were hanging out after seeing the movie "Daredevil." Jesse Hamm and Jen Wang were there too. I think after this we watched "Shaolin Soccer" on DVD. "Shaolin Soccer" is a much better movie than "Daredevil."

Dave Rood (surrdave) says:

That's almost a Davenport slouch in the first panel, except you're walking faster.

A memorable strip.  In fact, it was so memorable that I remember the panel you didn't draw.  Odd to find out it isn't there.

Edwin Quantrall (reynard) says: Continuity error: Your glasses are missing in panel four. No big deal. Just sayin'...
ribbles (ribbles) says: Teleporter accident!
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