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This Free Comic Book Day comic became infamous! Gordon Lee, a comic-store retailer in Georgia, was arrested for distributing pornography to minors because the Alternative Comics sampler included an excerpt from Nick Bertozzi's graphic novel The Salon featuring a historically accurate depiction of Pablo Picasso running around his apartment naked. Because when I think "porn," I think "small drawings that include an unattractive Cubist's flaccid penis." It's true that Pablo Picasso is a sexually magnetic individual who causes girls to turn the color of an avocado when he drives by in his El Dorado, but I know from sexy drawings of naked men, and these were not sexy.

The case was taken up by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and dragged on for three years, costing thousands upon thousands of dollars, before finally being dismissed. And nobody even mentioned the great elephants Tom Hart drew.

Leon Arnott (l) says: I can tell you wrote this comic because you used "lovely hosts" and "lifelong imprisonment" in the same sentence.
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: Theme to "Duck Tales", Mark Mueller)

I got my free comic book!
It's got ... "Trunktown"
Open up and take a look!
Lay some ... funk down!
Tom draws and Shaenon writes!
They stay up days and nights!

Makin' Trunktown!  (Ooo-oo-oo!)
Elephants and rapper kings
In Trunktown!  (Ooo-oo-oo!)
Violent girls and oddball things
In Trunktown!  (Ooo-oo-oo!)

Naked dude who is a statue!
There is weirdness coming at you!
What you need to do is read

'Bout Trunktown!  (Ooo-oo-oo!)
Reading it is changing our lives!
Trunktown!  (Ooo-oo-oo!)
In WebComicsNation archives,
Trunktown!  (Ooo-oo-oo!)

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