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Man, I got some awesome art for Narbonic back in the day. Bill Mudron gave me the original art for this piece, and I had it hanging over my desk until yesterday, when Andrew packed it away for our impending move to Berkeley.

I know I keep saying this, but Dirk's version of Dave is hot.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Yep.
Leon Arnott (l) says: A Tomy Tutor? That was Dave's entrance to the world of bytes - his psychopomp into comp. sci?
Sean Riedinger (ariamaki) says:

Leon, you are hereby the greatest. That's all.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Personally, I had a Sinclair ZX80, that I programmed to play the opening of Bach's "Tocatta and Fugue in D minor".

(TUNE: "Love Me Tender", Elvis Presley)

Tomy Tutor in its box,
Floppy in its sleeve ...
Home computer really rocks!
I could not believe
All the stuff that it could do
In nineteen-eighty-three!
Tomy Tutor, I love you ...
Always stay with me!

Sean Kinlin (seaking) says:

Hmm.  Should the Silent Penultimate Panel count be incremented?

And in Bill Mudron's drawing - is Mell holding a disembodied head?

Shaenon Garrity (shaenongarrity) says:

Sean: Of course she is. It's a drawing of the Narbonic characters meeting the cast of Bill's sadly unfinished comic "Anne Frank Conquers the Moon Nazis."
Elaine Corvidae (elaine_corvidae) says:

Dave smoked?

John Campbell (jcampbel) says:

Dave hasn't never smoked yet! (Another month or so...)

It had never even occurred to me to question the fact that Mell's holding a disembodied head.

Dominic Corbin (lnick) says:

I keep saying this.  Dave smokes, until the end of the current storyline, when Dave will have never smoked.

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