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I had the rest of the chapter drawn, but I was getting married on Saturday, so I figured I'd split the chapter in two and give myself a weekend off. I was having a lot of trouble sticking to my daily schedule around this time, which was why Andrew had to step in with a guest week. Wedding stuff is ridiculously time-consuming.

Speaking of romantic stuff, check out this pinup of Helen and Dave by Sarah T. Thanks so much, Sarah!

Sarah adds, "Sorry if I made Dave too hot." Please. Dave is always hot.

Meanwhile, Caliban gets a cameo in today's installment of Ed Gedeon's Everyday Heroes. Man, I miss drawing Caliban, even though he's my most generic character design. I miss his snippy little attitude.

Daffyd Wagstaff (lord_killerfish) says:

For some reason I feel obligated to make a "Total Recall" reference, so I shall:

*In bad Schwarzenegger accent* "Get your ass to Mars!"

Although why Arnie wanted to take a donkey with him to the red planet, we'll never know.

Leon Arnott (l) says: Sarah's Helen seems to have lost a pound or two, and Dave's nose isn't rectangular, but other than that it's mighty fine.

"It's like a slimy corset" is probably the best line of this episode.
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Too Darn Hot", Cole Porter)

She drew Dave hot!
She drew Dave hot!
Now Sarah drew
Fellah sexy today!
And Helen too,
Hella sexy today!
Now Sarah drew fellah sexy today!
And Helen too, hella sexy today!
Plus Mell in back, with a monster to slay!
But she drew Dave hot!

Sam Daniel (samhdaniel) says:

@Leon: To paraphrase Jessica Rabbit: Helen's not fat, she's just drawn that way....

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