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Mell never approves of Helen's boyfriends.

I think Helen and Mell had previously indicated to Dave that they got rid of his body after putting his brain in the Hapax Legomenon. Now it turns out they had it stashed away somewhere. Like I've said before, I made this whole Victorian serial up as I went along.

I really like Dr. Pim. He's probably my favorite thing in the Victorian story. Not that there isn't other good stuff in here, but Dr. Pim is my favorite.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Three Little Maids From School", Gilbert & Sullivan)

Three odd Venusian refugees!
Right through the roof they launch with ease!
Sailing away on the solar breeze!
Three little es-ca-pees!

One is a ce-pha-lo-pod, quite fat!
One is a madwoman, lost her hat!
One is a thug with a cricket bat!
Three little es-ca-pees!

Cheers for the madgirl space explorer,
Fresh from the realm of Queen Victoria!
If you would live, then you can't ignore her!
She is the boss of these ...
Three little ES-ca-pees!

David Harmon (mental_mouse) says:

Ed: Huzzah!

Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says:

I'm disturbed by the size of crickets Mell apparently encounters, given the size of that bat.

Daffyd Wagstaff (lord_killerfish) says:

Huh, Mell is quite clearly wielding a Rounders bat, not a Cricket bat. Cricket bats are longer (in my experience, it's easy to lean on if you're feeling lazy), and have a distinctive flat side as well as a v shaded ridge on the other.

Paul Anderson (pmanderson) says:

Actually, it is a cricket bat; it's just rounded by the Fitz-Gerald contraction.

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