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The flowers and stuff in the first panel didn't come out right, which irritated me at the time because I thought the rest of this chapter looked pretty darn good. I spent more time than usual on details like the playing cards.

I fussed with the fourth panel for a long time. One of the problems with doing this hatched-and-crosshatched-all-to-hell faux-Victorian finish was that elements of the drawing tended to blend into each other, making it harder for individual figures to stand out. In this case I wanted to make it clear that Dave was noticing Helen and Pim-in-Dave's-body (and who can blame him?). I ended up putting a white border around them, which worked out pretty well. I also didn't put the hatching on Pim!Dave.

The kiss in the next-to-last panel turned out nicely, too.

Poor Dave. He really suffers through most of the Victorian story.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: DUN DUN DE DUN!
Jon W. (kd7sov) says:

...You know, reading through the archives I always noticed Helen and Davesbody, but until you mentioned it I never consciously noticed the white outline. Well done.

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