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Shaenon: Early on, Jeffrey commented that "Pretty in Pink" by the Psychedelic Furs was a good theme song for Tip, so I doodled this sketch of Tip in an outfit inspired by Molly Ringwald's clothing in the movie. I draw this pose way too much, though. It's a bad habit.

Channing: I was only dimly aware -- if that, even -- of the John Hughes film of the same name when I heard the track on the radio during the initial scripting process. The lyrics don't fit terribly well, and the song's association with that questionable movie (my comments on which would run too long to fit comfortably here) only further alienates it, but there's something about the sound that really plucked a chord. A better actual theme song for Tip is Garbage's "Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)" from the BeautifulGarbage LP, which is surprising, because I was really listening to Garbage for Unity's sake, initially.

Still, it's another great outfit for Tip to wear, so that's something.

Michael Martin (mcmartin) says: What's that on the back? "Parent Class Evaluation"?
Shaenon Garrity (shaenongarrity) says: Yeah. I drew it on the back of a Cartoon Art Museum flier.
bzzzzd (bzzzzd) says:

This is the scariest thing I've seen in this strip so far.


Short anecdote: I grew up in Berkley, but my midwest-raised wife had never even been to California before when in the early 80's we visited my old stompin' grounds. As we passed the corner of Telegraph and Bancroft, we saw a local who was a dead-ringer for Jamie Farr (Klinger of M.A.S.H.), wearing a shocking-pink mini-skirt with black pumps. All that hair. My wife was speechless for hours.

Aaron Shades (prof_tinker) says:

I just like the hat. Tip seems unsure of the look. 

Personally, I find him *much* more ladylike in attire.


. . . . . no, I won;t correct myself. i said ladylike and I MEANT it. 

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