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Shaenon: Random doodles of Unity. I'm pretty pleased with her design. Sweetheart is probably going to change a lot over the next year as I figure out how to draw her, but Unity and Tip are, I think, more or less set. Mostly, I just have to keep thinking of different hoodies to put Unity in.

Channing: Ad hoc captions that come to mind on viewing these...

Upper Left: "Look, guys, the microwave went sapient on us -- and I made friends with it!"

Upper Right: "Restrictions on Internet use at work? I SAY 'NO'!"

Bottom: "Charlie was close, but not so close that I didn't have time to strike a bitchin' pose."

Derek Burrow (bard) says:

I like the bottom one.  It plays up the "Patchwork Girl" aspect of Unity more than most of the illustrations we've seen thus far.

 ...also that *is* a pretty bitchin' pose.

Jane Narbon (lady_madsci) says: Nice sketches.


The Mad Scientist Wars:

Well, so much for my new alliance. I was serious when I tried to foment one between me and David Toboz.

Maybe it was something I said.

Ah well... I guess I'll just have to go back to working alone, and the prospects look pretty bleak. I hate to go Damsel in Distress, but at the moment, I really need someone to rescue me.

Of course, as soon as I get my hands free, I'll hopefully be able to rescue myself...
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Changes in Sweetheart's design can always be retconned with references to Under The Rainbow.  "The pearl is in the river!"
So It Begins (soitbegins) says:

Is that a sword Unity's carrying in the bottom sketch? Yeegads. The only thing worse than a zombie is a sentient one that knows tool use.

(More) Tin Wrist Schemes Data:

Suddenly, from Jane Narbon's lab, strange creatures poured forth. Some looked like a cross between eagles and cheetahs, and could fly. Others had the head of a goose and the body of a pig. Still others were undescribable. All of them went after the car belonging to SoItBegins.

And Professor Tinker smiled.

Aaron Shades (prof_tinker) says:

.. . .  dammit, stop making characters i would go straight for. And are we going to see that sword again? I would really like to see that sword again.


From The Desk of Madness:

Improved gryphon, moves twice as fast with a cheetah instead of a horse. The Swineese, an intelligent and deadly animal whose wings, unfortunately, never quite came through. One pirana plant, and a delightful little set of beasties based on theories from (Plan X Classified).

All in all, not a bad day of work. They're under strict commands to rescue Miss narbon, knock out her captor, and bring them both back here.

In the meantime, I'm making popcorn! 

Sean McLane (zodo) says:

Looking at these pictures just made me think of something weird.

 It's a good thing for Unity that whoever put her together had enough aesthetic wherewithal to give her symmetry in the upper torso.

Jeffrey Channing Wells (channing) says:

Sean:  Unity always picks matching ones from her supply.

I will leave you with that image. 

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

A cabinet full of boobs?  So now we're taking cheap shots at the Bush Administration?


*whew* ... I've had a rough day moving, I needed that.

Wallace Good (good_the_third) says: I wonder when Unity will become less of a Mell 2. Not that I'm complaining.  It turns out I miss Mell and I like being reminded of her. It turns out I miss the whole cast. I wonder when there will be cameos...
Sean McLane (zodo) says: It's possible Unity has parts of Zombie Dave in her already...
William Tracy (afishionado) says: The patchwork on her upper body looks kind of like tan lines to me. :-P
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