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Shaenon: Hey, some Moustachio art! Sleepy John sent us this rendering of Project Skin Horse's steampunk receptionist encountering a young whippersnapper. Look how cute!

Channing: You know, I had heard the word "Hottentot" before, but I am ashamed to say that I did not actually know its meaning until today, when this comic sparked me to look it up. I'm classing this fan-art as "infotainment"!

Daniel Ross (nentuaby) says: Ummm... What DOES it mean? All I know it as is a fairly offensive european-colonial nickname for a tribe in Africa.
Michael Brazier (michaelbrazier) says: Moustachio is a Victorian death machine.  Why wouldn't he use an offensive European-colonial nickname for a tribe in Africa?
Rob (rrreed) says: One wonders where and under what circumstances L. Frank Baum encountered Moustachio, since he didn't publish Ozma of Oz until 1907… six years after Queen Victoria died.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Neat.
Rachel S. (masamage) says: Apparently it's Dutch for "stutterer" or "stammerer" and was a reference to the way the Khoikhoi language sounded. Which doesn't clear up the usage here for me; is there something else?
Johnn Reynolds (sleepyjohn) says:

Tsk.  No one remembers Admiral Boom and the 'invading Hottentots' from  "Mary Poppins"?  There simply wasn't a good Victorian insult for "pygmy", which is what I really wanted.

 It is very definitely a non-PC ethnic slur, but from Moustachio's viewpoint, an ethnic slur is an Irish fiddle tune.

Joe Charneskie (mutant-sentry) says: so...what is the Iphone saying then?  I don't speak that kinda goobel de gook very well...
Lia Mayo (sena) says: Joe - I think the translation is 'relic' - r, 3 is E, and then 'lik' makes the 'lic' sound. Most of l33t speak is figuring out which numbers mean what letters and then sounding it out aloud to see what is being aimed at. I have a horrible time with it unless I sound it out.
cathy fylling (cathay) says:

Back to the Hottentots, L. Frank Baum had appearances in at least 2 books (Patchwork Girl & Rinkitink) of "Tottenhots", a primitive, short and "dusky" peoples in Oz.  Mr. Baum was not a model of PC tolerance of other cultures.  Then again, that doesn't exactly separate him from many others of his time.

 At any rate, it seems a reasonable thing for Moustachio to call a small dark "upstart" device. 

Rob (rrreed) says:

Actually, I'm more interested in the more-than-passing resemblance Moustachio has to Tik-Tok — or maybe that should be the other way around, since Moustachio antedates Tik-Tok by at least six years.
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