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Shaenon: Thanks very much to Boone Adkins for this holiday-appropriate art. Boone writes, "I'd be surprised if I'm the only one to turkify Moustachio. The old chap's just so ROUND! You'd break your teeth on him though. (Not that Unity wouldn't try...)"

I hate to break this to you, Boone, but so far this is the only drawing we've received of Moustachio dressed as a giant clockwork turkey. I know, it boggles the mind. Anyway, please enjoy Boone's comic, The Facelifters. Boone also has a Deviantart site here.

Also, my dear friend Pancha Diaz created a Skin Horse theme for iGoogle! If you have iGoogle, you can grab it here:

Pancha also made one for my husband Andrew's comic, The Chronicles of William Bazillion:

Channing: Oh, poor Moustachio. You just know it was Unity that did that. She's not very sensitive to poor old physically-challenged robots. Somebody should remove her arms and legs and dress her like a turkey and see how she likes it. Moustachio admittedly looks a lot better in this position than she would. Thanks, Boone! Now I want to see Sweetheart in one of those pilgrim hats to continue the Thanksgiving dress-up motif.

Also, iGoogle! What the heck! Thanks, Pancha. Now I can, if I choose, be reminded on a daily basis of the fact that I really should be writing "Skin Horse" strips instead of using my search engine to research Marvel Comics heroine Squirrel Girl, which is kind of what I've been doing instead of writing "Skin Horse" strips. I'm at a loss as to how iGoogle actually works, but it seems to work independent of my understanding it, much like my DVD player or the Strong Nuclear Force, so, bonus!

chic geek (onechicgeek) says: And now we need a christmas Moustachio-that rotund  form just cries out for a santa suit!
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Aaaaahahahahahaha. Nice one!
crazy dave (crazydave) says: I'm not convinced that the Strong Nuclear Force is working. I've been feeling very protony this morning.
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Chic geek, you beat me to the Santa idea.  Also, as to Mr. Channing's comment, I think a no-arms no-legs unity would look good hung on the mantel as a Christmas stocking.  Which bites.

If I wanted to take that joke and run with it, I'd also call Unity disarmingly cute.

William Hostman (aramis) says: Moustachio-santa and Tip as female elf babe...
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