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Adam Underfoot (unnatural20) says: So of course, one questions if there is a cure for advanced lycanthropy.
M. Alan Thomas II (crazydreamer) says: Actually, I question whether or not Unity wants an Italian nose. . . .
Sara Stevens (runeofprotection) says: So, I have a thought. Sweetheart was bitten on the nose earlier. Was that a young werewolf? And if so, would she be a werewolf now? How on earth would that work? Then again, she might just turn human on the full moon. That would be interesting!
Timothy Whitcomb (hroar) says: Doesnt look like it..But then, that is no surprize, is it?
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "The Beat Goes On", Sonny and Cher)

And the pack moves in ...
Yeah the pack moves in ...
Mission dossier was kinda thin!
(Wanna not be rude ...
Wanna not be food ...)

Calling these guys "monsters" gives offense ...
Please, they're called "non-human sapients"!
Willoughby's still got Italian nose ...
Says Luigi, "Hey, that's Mario's!"

And the pack moves in ...
Yeah, the pack moves in ...

Four Deer (fourdeerinmyyard) says:

One little, two little, three  little werewolves,
Four little, five little, six little werewolves,
Seven little, eight little, nine little werewolves,
Ten little werewolf cubs!

They yip and they  growl and they
snap at strangers,
They yip and they  growl and they
snap at strangers,
They yip and they  growl and they
snap at strangers,
Ten little werewolf cubs!

Eleven, twelve, thirteen werewolves,
Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen werewolves,
Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen werewolves,
Twenty great big wolves!

They eat the ones who will not join them,
They eat the ones who will not join them,
They eat the ones who will not join them,
Twenty great big wolves!

Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three werewolves,
Twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six werewolves,
Twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine werewolves,
Thirty slavering wolves!

All the townsfolk carry blood-guilt,
All the townsfolk carry blood-guilt,
All the townsfolk carry blood-guilt,
Thirty slavering wolves!

Thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three werewolves,
Thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six werewolves,
Thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine werewolves,
Forty menacing wolves!

Heroic field-team is surrounded,
Heroic field-team is surrounded,
Heroic field-team is surrounded,
By forty dozen wolves!

No good deed ever goes unpunished,
No good deed ever goes unpunished,
No good deed ever goes unpunished,
When the whole town’s werewolves!

Nate Cull (natecull) says:

 (TUNE: "That's Amore", Dean Martin)

When a wolf bites your nose
Soon the feeling it grows
When the world seems to whir
And you're covered in fur

Bells will ring, ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling
And they'll bring on the pitchforks
Teeth go GLOMP, chewy-chewy-chomp, chewy-chewy-chomp
And we floss with their eyestalks..


So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Hooo boy. This probably won't end well.
Kenneth Raymond (nerrin) says: A thought... What, if any, parts would Unity have to cull and integrate in hopes of acquiring lycanthropy herself? Is it, in fact, possible for a fleshy golem-y thing like her to acquire it, or is she too undead for the affliction to take hold? Hmmm.
Kenneth Reeves (tetramorpheus) says:

First joke that came to mind after reading the last pannel: What has four legs and an arm?




Happy pitbull

David Harmon (mental_mouse) says:

Of course, their actual sapience (in wolf-form) is slightly dubious, but if SH could handle the Destroy-bots, werewolves should be a doddle.

Kenneth:  In Simon R. Green's Nightside series, there was a power-collecting baddie who had a werewolf's skin over most of her body, giving her the regeneration at least.  (Didn't help her when she pissed off the series protagonist....)  (I certainly hope that Sarge has been reading Nightside!)


shui lung (draconautus) says:

To the tune of . . . well it should be obvious . . .

Werewolves howl are you listening?
In the lane, blood is glistening.
Unity's happy tonight' cause she's gonna fight
Stuck here in a Werewolf Wonderland!

Gone away is the Sherriff,
Could it be she's a were-wif?
Howling her song as the pack howls along
Hunting in a Werewolf wonderland.

In the hotel they might find a body
Oh my God that hand was Sergeant Brown's!
Unity can tuck it in her hoody
And use it as a spare next time around.

Afterwards they'll build a pyre,
And burn the bodies on the fire.
The town stinks of burnt flesh,
Oh Lord what a mess!
After taking out a Werewolf Wonderland!

Too grim?

Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Now where would Shaenon find a model for a smile-inducing Italian nose...
ysabet hasuko (ysabet) says: @__@... Assuming they can contact Nick, here's hoping he's good at pinpoint landings.  Like, oh, the diner's parking-lot.  At least it looks like it's stopped snowing.
Timothy Whitcomb (hroar) says: Its a shame the Osprey doent have better firepower.
Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says:

I'm just disturbed at the number of filks from this comic alone. And it's all Ed's fault.

And one other thing...Sweetheart's a canine right? Can't she speak with the werewolves in woof-speak? (And is there a Canadian bark accent that I'm not aware of?)

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says: @Andrew: It's a filky job, but somebody's gotta do it ...
K. Myers (bassetking) says: Methinks Mr. Geddon's contracted "Tom Smith Disease"
Jon W. (kd7sov) says: My own personal suspicion: If UNITY gets a werebodypart, that part will change, but the rest of her won't. This could get inconvenient and somewhat leaky.
Bill Livingston (billfl) says:

(TTTO "Doggy in the Window")

How many werewolves are out the window?

The ones with the snarls on their face?

How many werewolves are out the window?

I do hope they're not saying grace!

nottahottie uglyogre (nottahottie) says: generally, after being bitten, the first change does not take place until a full lunar cycle later
Paul Gadzikowski (pgadzikowski) says: M. Alan: I question why Unity wants an Italian nose. Does she want a makeover or a spicy snack?
clark brooks (clarkbrooks) says: Teach the wolves phenomenology.
Four Deer (fourdeerinmyyard) says: Nate, with apologies, I beg to differ.  One mustn’t waste a perfectly good moon-reference in a were-filk.

When the moon hits your pineal
Like a big Solomon’s seal,
And when all of the town
Is one big hunting ground,

Wolves will howl,
And gather in moonlight!
Prey will shriek,
And face one last doomed fight!
Maid Joy (maid_joy) says:

Werewolves biting regular natural animals has no effect.  Since Sweety is a dog, albeit an enhansed dog, she's safe.

UNITY is safe since she's dead.

Poor Tip, on the other paw....

Nate Cull (natecull) says:

Four Deer: Excellent, that works as a second verse.


Alix Tierney (almaseti) says: We don't know for sure that these werewolves work like that, Maid. It might be genetic somehow. Or purposefully altered. (I think having the kid supports this, just because I think someone so young would be less likely to survive an attack and more likely to be traumatized if she did)
Nate Cull (natecull) says:

And because I'm in a weird mood tonight:

(TUNE: "Stolen Car", Beth Orton)

I flew into your town last night
I couldn't help but notice
The blizzard around me was FLUSHING strong
I've been parked here my rotors like freezers
My lights are glimmering

I said I stand for every known abuse
That was ever uttered on Slashdot and Fark
And why should I know better by now
When there's howling in the dark?

While every bark speaks the language of FLUFF
They could not hold the CUSHIONS I am thinking of
Since I can't fly in this FLIMSY storm
I guess this has to be the place where I belong

One drink too many and a joke gone too far --
A bunch of SMIRKING werewolves in a bar???
Harder to hide when they all pile inside
Harder to hide what you really saw

Oh yeah I stand by every DARLING SMOOCH
That I've ever hurled at everyone like you
Don't you wish I knew better by now?
Well I think I'm starting to

M. Alan Thomas II (crazydreamer) says: Clark: But then they'd just explode and kill us all anyway.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Famous last words.
Nate Cull (natecull) says: Let there be light...
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Apparently filking is as contagious as lycanthropy.  (I see other filks, I rub my hands together and smile ala Li'l Mell ... "A challenge.") 

(TUNE: "Help Me Make It Through The Night", Kris Kristofferson)

Make a stand and stay alive,
See the werewolves on the floor,
See them twitch as they revive,
Through the back, here come some more!

Sweetheart tries to calm them down!
Even Unity turns pale!
Tip is running low on ammo,
And says, "Damn, I broke a nail!"

If we reach the break of day,
If another dawn we see ...
Then we might hear Lina say,
"Folks, your breakfast is on me!"

K C (spotweld) says:

The helicopter is a Kim Possible fan?
That works on so many levels.

Also.  Tip = Kim, Unity = Ron?

Timothy Whitcomb (hroar) says:

told ya you needed to shake a leg!

9Side note..this reminds me of a movie I thnk, where a whole town in Alaska were vampires? I am not sure I am remembering right.)

Fachan Spud (boegiboe) says: Considering the theme of Super-dogs of the Far North, is anyone willing to take a whack at the "Littlest Hobo" theme?
Joyce Melton (halfelven) says: The Littlest Lobo?
Rick Man (sneaker_nh) says: "The Littlest Hobo" is an old TV show, which was basically "The Fugative" as a German Shepard.
Rick Man (sneaker_nh) says: KC, does that make Sweetheart a naked mole rat?
Diane Castle (deecee) says:

@Nate: That was great!  We need to keep challenging Ed to greater heights.  I went and played "Stolen Car" and sang along to your lyrics.  What Beth doesn't know won't hurt her.  :-)

@KC: Unity=Ron?  Hmm.  Maybe Unity = (Ron + Monkey Powers) or (Ron + Kim's super-suit), but not plain old Ron.

@Timothy: Are you thinking of "30 Days of Night" by any chance? 

Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says:

Please just don't suggest that Tip actually falls in love with Unity.

And I'm sorry for that image. I wish I knew where the brain bleach was.

James Kehl (shykta) says:

@miyaa - thank the gods that neither of them would actually notice if that happened! Tip would decide he fancied her hoodie sooner than he decided he fancied her, and as for Unity - tooth noogie!

 But yeah, brain bleach, with or without a Unicorn Chaser. 

Kevin (ofscience) says: @eddurd: If filking is as contagious as lycanthropy, does that mean the first filker has figured out how to bite people over the internet?  (Or alternately, does that mean we're all going to start growing hair and fangs from reading this comic?)
clark brooks (clarkbrooks) says:

It must be the polarized light:

In the timbers of Paradise, the wolves are running round,

The winter was so hard and cold, froze my butt onto the ground.

Dont murder me, I beg of you, dont murder me. please, dont murder me.


I sat down to my supper, twas a bottle of green whisky,

I said my bowdlers and went to bed, thats the last they saw of me.

Dont murder me, I beg of you, dont murder me. please, dont murder me.


When I awoke, the dire wolf, one hundred pounds of sin,

Was grinning at my bedside, all I said was come again.

Dont murder me, I beg of you, dont murder me. please, dont murder me.


The wolf came in, I exfoliate, we laid down for a game.

I cut my deck to the queen of urza, but the cuffs had standard keys.

Dont murder me, I beg of you, dont murder me. please, dont murder me.


In the backwash of Paradise, the white and bloody mire,

The dire wolf collects her dues, while the boys sing round the fire.

Dont murder me, I beg of you, dont murder me. please, dont murder me.

No, no, no dont murder me. I beg of you,

Dont murder me. please, dont murder me. 

Timothy Whitcomb (hroar) says:

thank you Diane,  thats it! thank you for reminding me..

Ray Phoenix (graypheonix) says: oh god, pulling a Thing?  Jeeze, no wonder it'd be annoyed, having to run through snow and werewolves to explain an idea to a sentient helicopter?  Yeah, I'd be annoyed too. 
Benjamin Whetham (crosshair) says: I wonder if the parts of UNITY retain some of the personality of the "original owner" of said body part.
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Come And Get It", by (who else?) Badfinger)

Now we need Nick!
Where is he?
Can't forget him!
But we better hurry, 'cause we may not last ...

That's a neat trick,
Go and get him!
But you better hurry, 'cause they're closing fast ...

Dis-em-bo-died hand can't com-mu-ni-cate well,
It simply makes a gesture, with finger that's naughty!

Gotta call Nick!
Hear our plea!
Don't upset him,
Gotta ask him please to save the Skin Horse cast!

Rob (rrreed) says: Cue the, "Unity's got more brains in her little finger than…" jokes!
Four Deer (fourdeerinmyyard) says: to tune of “Silver Bells”

See the fans write
Comments all night.
There should be a filk-file,
For it’s always filk-time at “Skin Horse”.

Ed Song-master
Cranks ‘em faster
With such apposite style.
He’s got millions of songs in his head!

Pick a rhyme,
You’ll do fine.
Ideally the song-theme and cartoon
Should relate;
But don’t wait
Or Ed will post his FTW!

See the filkers
Pre-filked tunes old and worn,
Or rock classics never before filked.

Like a Confusion
Couch allusion,
At GoComics’ “Pibgorn”
Almost all of it sails o’er my head.

Pick a rhyme,
You’ll do fine.
Ideally the song-theme and cartoon
Should relate;
But don’t wait
Or Ed will post his FTW!
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: This'll be intersting. Or it'll just sting.
Nate Cull (natecull) says:

TUNE: "Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)", Diana Ross

Reach out and toss
Your severed hand
Make this world a weirder place
If you can

(Just try)
Take a little time out of your busy day
To give the finger
To a sentient
(Just try)
Remember you're talking to a dog
Who's seen it all
Except the "sheriff problem" Tip just had
We can make things so, so much stranger
Why don't you

Reach out and toss
Your severed hand
Make this world a weirder place
If you can

(Just try)
If you see a were-cub on the street
With a pig
Remember you're the Government
(Just try)
Try a little Skin Horse 'normality'
It's something that comes very naturally
We're here to help: they should be running

Why don't you
Reach out and toss
Your severed hand
Make this world a weirder place
If you can

ba-ba ba, ba-ba ba, whoa-oo

Reach out and toss
Your severed hand...

Richard Willis (sircrash) says: Actually, It's more like pulling a 'Red Dwarf' :)
nottahottie uglyogre (nottahottie) says: Hmmm.. sending a hand to do a zombies work... tsk tsk tsk
Timothy Whitcomb (hroar) says: As filking becomes pandemic..8-)
John Johnston (ambivalence) says:

Once I saw him in the moonlight,

When the bats were a-flying,

All alone I saw the werewolf,

And the werewolf was crying,

Crying noooo body, nooo body, no body knows,

How much I love the man, as I tear off his clothes.

Diane Castle (deecee) says:

Since filking seems to be a pandemic today, let me show you my infection.  Errm, so to speak.

 ("Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode, but I'm going with the cover by Johnny Cash for mood)
Your own personal free hand
Someone to go find Nick
Someone who's quick
Your own personal free hand
Someone to go find Nick
Someone who's slick

Hearing a moan
And you're all alone
Flesh and bone
And no telephone
Make me a retriever
And I'll make you a believer

Throw your right hand
And see where I land
Dodge all this band
Find Nick in his can
I am the bringer
I'm giving you the finger

Run off and find Nick
Run off and find Nick

Your own personal free hand...

Hearing a moan
And you're all alone
Flesh and bone
And no telephone
Make me a retriever
And I'll make you a believer

I am the bringer
I'm giving you the finger

Run off and find Nick

Your own personal free hand...

Run off and find Nick

Incog Neato (ghede) says:

See, now I'm wondering how unity works, ignoring the obvious "mad science" explanation.

Okay, she can graft the parts of others onto herself to replace damaged limbs. She can then remove said parts and they become autonomous. She is incredibly durable, scatterbrained, and violent.

I propose that Unity is a "God Emperor" organism. Distributed brain. Makes her very difficult to kill, but very easy to braindamage, at least temporarily. Would also impact her cognitive function, normally that much grey matter over that much distance would cause a problematic lag, unless each "brain" were given some degree of autonomy. 

She is also somewhat parasitic, utilizing human tissue to provide room for growth as well as protection. 

Mmmm, sci-fi geek speculation. Making conclusions with little data and even less knowledge. 

Paul Gadzikowski (pgadzikowski) says:

How is a hand going to communicate with Nick anyway?

"Okay, one word. Two syllables. First syllable - sounds like ... chair. Air? Fair? Stair? Mohair? Oh, FLIRT this, just point where they are!" 

John Campbell (jcampbel) says: Text message.
EvilMid nightLurker (emlurker) says: I'm really surprised the wolf was willing to nom after the first taste.  Wonder what's in Unity's blood substitute...
Typhin Reynard (typhin) says:

 LOLycanthrope?  Now in Haiku form...

Hand has a flavr?

Nevr said was good flavr...

Nom nom anyway!

ysabet hasuko (ysabet) says:


Wolf says, "Beg pardon;
Have you any Grey Poupon?
Zombies taste like Spam."

**snicker** And now they're shorthanded...

Four Deer (fourdeerinmyyard) says:


The true “Om” of nom:
Independent of flavor,
But never taste-free.






So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Riiiight. Who *didn't* see that coming?

(om nom nom nom)
Shaenon Garrity (shaenongarrity) says:

"Okay, one word. Two syllables. First syllable - sounds like ... chair. Air? Fair? Stair? Mohair? Oh, FLIRT this, just point where they are!"

Sedagive? SEDAGIVE?
Nate Cull (natecull) says:

My hands are small I know
But they're not yours they are my own
And they're not yours stop eating them!
These things don't grow on trees, yo.



Four Deer (fourdeerinmyyard) says:


Well, originally, they weren't hers either.


Adam Underfoot (unnatural20) says: Four Deer? What's with the extra spaces?
Charles Lee (atomicsnarl) says: Well, it looks like sombody else will have to give the team a hand...
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE:  "We're An American Band", Grand Funk Railroad)

In this town we don't belong!
One night in Paradise is just way too long!
Wild wild werewolves, havin' a feast!
'Cause it's a full moon, and they're unnatural beasts!
Sent my hand autonomously!
I went and told him, "Go on, be free!"
A crazy werewolf took one bite;
And now there's nothing left, oh man that's just not right!

He was an innocent hand!
He had his own future planned!
So full of hopes and dreams,
And now he's lunch, it seems!
He was an innocent hand!

Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: I'm having flashbacks to the 10th Doctor and his "handy spare hand."
Erik Waer (raistandantilus) says: Wait... Is the hand making an 'O.K.' sign, or is it making teh sign for 'a**hole' (I only made this connexion because I watch 'Mr Holland's Opus' recently)?  Or, judging by the hand's aforementioned penchant for 'naughty' gestures, might it be both?
John Campbell (jcampbel) says: Hm. Unity appears to be removing a right hand from her left wrist back in Wednesday panel 2. While that's rather more plausible for her than it would be for most people, it's a left hand in all subsequent appearances.
Daniel Roby (aserialpeace) says: I'm sorry but I have to say it. The wolf is biting the hand that is feeding it (because the hand is food).
Edwin Quantrall (reynard) says: *resists the temptation to make "hand-job" joke*
Ray Dillinger (bear) says:

Now Unity needs a replacement hand. 

 Is it wrong of me to hope she gets one that turns into a wolf paw every full moon?

Bill Livingston (billfl) says: So Unity's (former) hand is male?
nottahottie uglyogre (nottahottie) says: well, that was a handy plot twist
shui lung (draconautus) says:

Ya gotta hand it to her, Unity's always willing to lend a hand to any wolf in need. Tune in tomorrow when Unity becomes foot-loose and fancy free. She's really going to pieces over this!

 Sorry, it's been a long day ;)

Camille Dumas (camidumas) says: Who knew Unity's hand was so tasty as to lure what seems to be a whole hotel's worth of werewolves?
EvilMid nightLurker (emlurker) says: ...Her bloodstream is filled with A-1 Steak Sauce.
Rob (rrreed) says: Huh. The last few minutes of strip time have shown a side of Tip that he obviously keeps deeply buried. It didn't show up during the "Cowardly Lion" storyline when Leo had him by the head, for example.

The question is, why does he keep it buried beneath the bishōnen, cross-dressing exterior?
Rockphed (rockphed) says: Because it is all spikey and he prefers demure and fluffy.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Maybe it's Obfuscating Stupidity.
Benjamin Whetham (crosshair) says: Swetheart, there are times to be a sapient dog and there are time to RUN. You need to be able to tell between the two. You can always act smug later.
Drew (pseudowolf) says:

Aw. I was hoping for Tip to shout out "MARINES! WE ARE *LEAVING*!"

Yeah, I know Tip wasn't a Marine, but I just rewatched the MST3K treatment of the "Are You Ready For Marriage" short, so that quote was the first thing that came to mind reading today's strip.

Nate Cull (natecull) says:

TUNE:"Northern Star", Melanie C

I have learnt my lesson well
The truth is out there eating... Ramon?
Don't look back and don't reholster your gun
Just run
Lived my life without regret
Won't be a dog that they forget
When you're lost reach out for me
In that bleak 'laskan fog
Northern Dog
Northern Dog
Northern Dog



Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says: Talk about your Northern Exposurer.
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Born To Run", Bruce Springsteen)

All the whole day long, seems like nothing's wrong,
And our Tip's fit to be tied;
At night we hide in a greasy spoon
With a werewolf pack outside!
In the kitchen we've made our stand;
Those critters are clever, you gotta give 'em a hand!
Sweetheart, these guys want our bones for a snack!
It's a dirt nap!  It's an undeath trap!
And your monologue has to be cut,
So Sweetheart babe, move your seasoned northern butt!

Timothy Whitcomb (hroar) says: Every one? Give a hand to Ramon! YYA! YAY!
Q. Pheevr (q-pheevr) says:

"A bunch of the wolves are fighting over Unity's hand."

How old-fashioned! I suppose the winner will ask for Dr. Lee's blessing before actually popping the question to Unity herself....

Shaenon Garrity (shaenongarrity) says:

I think a giant werewolf fight is one of the better possible scenarios for Unity's wedding day.
Jeffrey Channing Wells (channing) says: "Giant werewolf fight" is one of the better possible scenarios for anything.
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Better - a massive Werewolf/Zombie showdown that happens on a busy LARPing ground.
Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says: "Giant werewolf fight"...that basically was the plot behind Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.
Michael Brewer (wusemajor) says:

You know, it just occured to me that Unity might actually be calling her body parts by the name of the person they are from, which makes that rather creepy

However, that doesn't really strike me as very likly given her personality.

Timothy Whitcomb (hroar) says: Sigh..I KNOW I am missing something. I dont understand the mentioning of "Dennis".
Brian Rogers (billionsix) says: It's his name. Sweetheart obviously isn't in the mood for cute nicknames.
Brian Rogers (billionsix) says: Also, I love the fact that Tip isn't taking Sweetheart's crap. Man, she gets so insecure when she isn't in charge. :)
Nate Cull (natecull) says:

Dr. Dennis "Tip" Wilkin



Rob (rrreed) says: @So It Begins—could be Obfuscating Stupidity, could be Crouching Moron Hidden Badass. We need more data, but Tip obviously already has one superpower that we know about.
Nate Cull (natecull) says:

TUNE: "Under The Boardwalk", Bette Midler

Oh the snow falls down
freezing up Nick's rotor blades
And your shoes get so cold
you wish your tired feet were wearing skates
Chased by the werewolves, out in the trees
being Alpha Dog to the pack is where I'll be

(chased by the werewolves)
I don't like your command
(chased by the werewolves)
now Unity needs a hand
(chased by the werewolves)
Give you a piece of my mind
(chased by the werewolves)
or should I get in line

Behind the werewolves?

Four Deer (fourdeerinmyyard) says:

 No line-crashing, Unity.


So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Eegad.
Kristine Roland (kristineroland) says:

I haven't seen anyone mention that Tip appears to have been bitten on the arm in Tuesday's strip, panel 3.  In Wed  strip panel 1 you clearly see what looks like a bite on his left arm, though there is also a pool of either ketchup or blood on the counter.   Can't tell and that does look like a ketchup bottle lying next to it.

But in today's first and fourth panel Tip is holding the injured arm.

So, Sweetheart has been bitten on the nose, Unity's hand was eaten.. though you have to wonder since it was detached and independent at the time, what if anything that could mean, and Tip seems to have been bitten on the arm...

hmmm... were... sorry where could this be going?

Nate Cull (natecull) says:


"Yes, I know she looks like a perfectly innocent, demure psychopathic brain-eating killing machine... but I promise you, when the moon rises, she's going to turn into something HORRIBLE!"

... "Wuff?"

 "Adorable. I meant adorable."


Matthew Miller (mattdm) says: Skin Horse is now officially making me as happy as Narbonic did. Yay!
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Jingle Bells" by James L. Pierpont)

Sprinting through the snow,
With the werewolves on our tail!
Sweetheart lets Tip know
This mission's full of fail!
If we get out of here,
Then blame we will assign;
But if you want to beat on Tip,
You'll have to get in line!

Run like hell!  Run like hell!
Quickly run away!
Beat those feet!  We'll all retreat
So we'll live another day, hey!
Run like hell!  Run like hell!
Through the woods they dash!
And what's worse, Tip lost his purse
And his fav'rite coat is trashed!

Indigo C (indigo) says:

She's bitching (pardon the pun) about being lost in the woods when she's the seasoned northern dog?!

 Wow, poor Sweetheart.  Her cope failure is showing.


Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says:

Ed: Bravo, Ed. I recall (and I may still have it) a Christmas Tunes by Bock where every arraignment of a classic song had a Jingle Bells melody hidden in it, including his full version of Jingle bells. (So there was a Jingle Bells melody hidden in the Jingle Bells song. Crazy, I know.)

Now, what everyone may not know, is that Jingle Bells had a second verse involving Fanny Brice, horses, and "upsought."  Maybe Sweetheart will get upsought?

David Harmon (mental_mouse) says: I suspect that Sweetheart's uncharacteristic behavior can still be chalked up to those schnapps.  I bet she'll be even crankier when the hangover hits!
Eric Burns (ericburns) says:

Quite honestly, I'm looking forward to Tip taking Sweetheart down.

No, I didn't get that backwards. Sweetheart's an alpha dog. Tip's a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army who's been given a command. One thing you have when you leave Boot Camp and O.C.S. is an uncanny ability to make insubordinate subordinates Shut The Hell Up And Do As They're Told.

Sweetheart's probably still the better field commander, mind. But she's at the point where she needs to Get Over It. If she can't, the humiliation's just going to get worse.

Unity won't help her, either. After all, she still wants sammyches.


Four Deer (fourdeerinmyyard) says:

 Ed:  Jingle FTW!

 Kristine:  Ooh, you're right!  I dismissed the "Yipe!" on Tuesday because it looked to me as though the wolf missed.  But on Saturday he is definitely holding onto an owie.

K. Williams (crazy_quill) says:

Can't believe no-one's said this yet, but:

Take my hand, I'm a Stranger in Paradise
All lost in a snow-white land
A stranger in Paradise
If I stand stand still in fear
That's a danger in Paradise
For mortals who stand too near
A werewolf like you.

I saw your face and I retreated
Out of the small cafe and into the chill
And in this place, I feel defeated
Until I know there's a chance you won't kill

But I fear that you surely will
Maul this stranger in Paradise
The hand that jumped from the sill
Had no chance in Paradise
I wait for the sun to rise
On this danger in Paradise
And tell me that I may be In danger no more.

Had to create an account just to say this, so may as well add that I'm loving this comic. I've spent the whole evening reading it from the beginning and I've lost count of the number of times I've laughed out loud.

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