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Jon Stout (brasswatchman) says: Welp. Okay, then.
Cat Bascle (mage_cat) says: Yep, Tip's superpower works no matter the species.
The Auld Grump (theauldgrump) says:

And he already knows HER name! Makes the New Year's resolution easier....

The Auld Grump 

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Roll Over, Beethoven", Chuck Berry)

It was a crazy Arctic night
When Tip, a vicious bite
He got!
And Sweetheart full of drama,
Sayin' "Hootchiemama,
He's hot!"
Roll over, bishonen!
Send the news to Gavotte!

Well, he's got a naughty bod,
And he's a super hottie quad-
Sweetheart's gonna blow a fuse!
Let's all hope that she don't lose
Her head!
Roll over, bishonen!
Tell Gavotte what I said!

John Wells (johnwwells) says:

... Roll over, bishonen.

... Roll over, bishonen.

Ed, I do not know whether to congratulate you or gather an angry mob.

Michael Taub (otakuloki) says: I see no reason why we cannot congratulate Ed while gathering the angry mob. 
Fandarel (fandarel) says: How about a HAPPY mob?
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: OK, this I wasn't expecting.
Rob (rrreed) says: "TORCHES! Git yer torches here! TORCHES!"

"PITCHFORKS! Git yer pitchforks here! One fer a Hamilton, three fer a Jackson! PITCHFORKS!"
Nate Cull (natecull) says: COMFY CHAIRS! POPCORN and CRUMPETS!
Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says:

I should know which movie we're quoting now, but I'm drawing (and quartering) a blank.

Oh, and Ed? Come here. We need to hurt you.

Mark Orr (agentoracle) says:

Absolute proof that, no matter the species, bitches love Tip.

Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says:

Choosy bitches choose Tip?


*Runs away.*

Nate Cull (natecull) says:

(TUNE: "Sex Bomb", TomJones with Mousse T)

Tip me over with a feather duster
You're transformed and I'm all flustered
I didn't know what to expect from you
After a dose of the Werewolf Flu

And I was never that impressed
When you broke out the strapless dress
When Dr Lee swooned I just laughed at her -
But you look a whole lot better in fur

Sex Dog Sex Dog
You're my Sex Dog
You can groom my coat when it's getting long
Sex Dog Sex Dog
You're my Sex Dog
And baby you can turn me on

Pete Bleackley (petethemadscientist) says:

You know, when Tip dies...

...Unity will find him irresistable.

Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says: You know, I'm just surprised no one thought about "Wild Thing" as a song to filk. Not that it needed much adjustment.
Sam Daniel (samhdaniel) says:

It's become obvious that Ed has more creativity in his little finger than I have in my whole body....

And a better music collection, too.

Sor Cyress (sorcyress) says:

@Pete: You are a terrible *terrible* person. *shudders*

And I am laughing so hard right now.  

Mel Van Weelden (kessalia) says: This had me snickering all day.  I must have loaded up the comic 2 dozen times at work.  Thank you.  *L*
Kristine Roland (kristineroland) says: so, since Sweetheart says that she usually likes them domesticated that we can assume that Tip is more wolf then dog?
Laura Chapple (ironychan) says:

Looks like somebody gets a 'best of breed' ribbon!<BR><BR>Oh, wait, they're not registrable...

Kenneth Reeves (tetramorpheus) says: Hmmm. I'm reminded of "Real Woman" incident. And, related to that, of the Velveteen Rabbit quote before the comic started...
Maricruz Villalobos-Zamora (maki_p) says: My God. This guy has some serious superpowers. I bet that if he becomes a patchwork Zombie superweapon Unity will fall for him as well
Kevin (notsteve) says: And what would happen if Tip was given a mint?
EvilMid nightLurker (emlurker) says: Ah, so the vaccine just plain didn't work and this is the expected initial result of the virus?  Ow. :(
Michael Brewer (wusemajor) says: Well we clearly need a cure now. 
Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) says: >poik!
Joyce Melton (halfelven) says: As a wolf, Tip is rather foxy. :)
Cat Bascle (mage_cat) says: How long do you think his glasses can stay on like that?
Sam Setter (eraser820) says:

Heh, normally i wouldn't do this, but I found the comment about tip "As a wolf, tip is rather foxy" just to tempting, so before anyone else does it, heres a filk I'd like to call Wolfy Wolfy

[Tune: "Fosy Foxy" from the Album "Educated Horses" by Rob Zombie]

He who loves clothing and he who gets the girls
He who brutalizes the springtime sales
He is a werewolf, he wants it all
He lives for fashion, hang on the wall

Don't you wanna bite it?
Educated werewolves
Don't you wanna bite it?
Educated werewolves

Wolfy, Wolfy, what's it gonna be?
Wolfy, Wolfy, what's it gonna be?
Wolfy, Wolfy, what's it gonna be?
Wolfy, Wolfy, what's it gonna be?

Sweethart looks back, and she looks away
She intenalizes pitiful rage
She's a sentient dog thinks tip is fair
Hides surgery scars under her hair

Don't you wanna bite it?
Educated werewolves
Don't you wanna bite it?
Educated werewolves

Wolfy, Wolfy, what's it gonna be?
Wolfy, Wolfy, what's it gonna be?
Wolfy, Wolfy, what's it gonna be?
Wolfy, Wolfy, what's it gonna be?

Don't you wanna bite it?
Educated werewolves
Don't you wanna bite it?
Educated werewolves

Wolfy, Wolfy, what's it gonna be?
Wolfy, Wolfy, what's it gonna be?
Wolfy, Wolfy, what's it gonna be?
Wolfy, Wolfy, what's it gonna be?

Don't you wanna bite it?
Educated werewolves
Don't you wanna bite it?
Educated werewolves

Dieter M. (tangerine) says: So... Unity is now the posessor of the lone thumb in the whole city?  They'd better get to opening all of the doors!
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: >>poik!
Nate Cull (natecull) says:

 (TUNE: "Stop! In The Name of Love!", The Supremes)

Baby, baby
I'm aware of what you are
Each time you crunch a skull
I watch you walk down the street
Checking out all the tasty treats
But this time before you chomp and bite
We're gonna have a real play-fight

Push you over!
'Cos you're just way too darned cute!
Push you over!
With those little glasses too! Eeeeeeeee!

Poik! On your button nose!
Before you grow too big
Push you over!

Camille Dumas (camidumas) says: So if Tip dies, and Unity salvages him for parts, how many Tip parts does it take for Unity to get his power?  Also, would his underclothes fit?
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Thanks to everyone for all the lovely death threats yesterday.  It's so nice receive the recognition one *truly* deserves. 

(TUNE: "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", U2)

I'm not shaped ... like before ...
Now I search ... in ev'ry store ...
Something that fits my shape,
Now that I'm not an ape ...
I have walked ... with heavy heart ...
Through Bloomingdale's ... through PetSmart ...
Aisle after lonely aisle ...
Mile after lonely mile ...
But I still haven't found something I can wear!
All the things that I've found, they don't match my hair!

What is there ... to live for?
Now I can't ... wear Dior?
Never wear Gucci shoes ...
Guess I'll just sing the blues ...
Life is now ... a living hell!
No Versace ... no Chanel!
No St. Laurent today!
No Fredrick's lingerie!
No, I still haven't found something I can wear!
Guess I just run around ... and be polar bare!

Nate Cull (natecull) says:

"Through Bloomingdale's ... through PetSmart ..."


Johnn Reynolds (sleepyjohn) says:

I so would poik Tip's nose, too.

It's hard to retain your status as team leader when you have a poikable nose.

Drew (pseudowolf) says: Aw, I was hoping to see a bit more of Sweetheart freaking out about Tip's "new look". I was also wondering how Sparkles would react or if she was immune to his mystical powers. I do love the nose poik though.
Typhin Reynard (typhin) says: Nobody's mentioned the possibility that the vaccine worked just enough to stop the mental/instinctual degredation...  Or did I miss that?
Four Deer (fourdeerinmyyard) says:

I think the team leadership boat has long since sailed.

And, Tip:  poik.



shui lung (draconautus) says: Tip definitely has that submissive "I'm harmless, please don't hurt me look". Guess who's NOT the Alpha in the Skin Horse team . . .
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: *snicker*
Kenneth Reeves (tetramorpheus) says: I'm guessing that here "husband" is Buddy, as determined by pack ranking rather than any mutual affection and concordance? Or would that be overlooking the human side of their genetics?
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "My Generation", The Who)

Come on Sparkle, let's go w-w-w-walking ...
You and me, we need some t-t-t-talking ...
I'm not trying for d-d-d-dominance ...
In this pack, you wear the p-p-p-pants!

F-f-f-forget Tip, no time for pettin' ...
G-g-g-gotta stop werewolf Armag-g-geddon!
All our plans are in the d-d-d-dustbin!
I'm b-b-b-bitchin' 'bout your stupid husband!

(Buddy's your husband, Sparkle!
Buddy's your husband, Sparkle baby!)

Nate Cull (natecull) says: Nate Cull (natecull) says:

 (TUNE: "Bitch", Meredith Brooks)

I hate your guts today
You're a cheating husky, stole my mate away
I should bite you but you look at me like maybe
I would take you in a fight
Well and I just might

But that's not why I'm here
And I know that you're relieved cause I can smell your fear
I can understand how you might be confused
I don't envy you
Cause I've changed my mind about that hound dog
That you're married to

Wanna bitch,'bout your hubby
He's a jerk, your precious Buddy
He's got vaccine up to here
But he ain't gonna share
Fairbanks lives or Fairbanks dies
On how we use our supplies
You know that you're the one who's got the final say

So save those humans, you
And maybe your heart will grow a size or two
Rest assured that if I start to make you nervous
Like I'm gonna bite your throat
You might be Cruella
But I'll wear you like a coat

I'm gonna bitch...

Just don't think you've got me figured out
Cause I'm not here to help you
You can keep Buddy, but stay out my way
Or I'm gonna scalp you

Cause I'm the bitch, I'm the queen
I'm the alpha in my team
And you'll hurt, and you'll suffer
If those people don't recover
Far too many have died
But we can keep that town alive
And you're the one who's got the final say

Nate Cull (natecull) says:

And that makes 53 filks (now copied and saved) since I started in February. Holy Moose Jaw Saskatchewan! I've been doing this for five months!

Webcomics: not just a time waster, an EPIC time waster!

I, um, guess this counts as 'creative writing practice'.


Mao Lemos (pylgrim) says: Oh? Is Sparkle immune to Tip's charm?
Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says:

So...does this explain why women have to go to the bathroom in groups when in social situations?

And really, Nate, Sparkle wouldn't want it any other way.

K C (spotweld) says: I'm assuming the plans for the Wolf-Tip plushie are already in the works?
Nate Cull (natecull) says: @Andrew: She's a sinner, she's a saint, and she does not feel ashamed.
Steve Ford (fordsfords) says: I love that Tip's tail is between his legs.  Good touch, SG.
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says:

Are you sure that'sTip's tail? :-)

@Nate: The Truly Epic Timewaster is webcomics with comments that link to TV Tropes.

Rob (rrreed) says: That's our Tip!
ysabet hasuko (ysabet) says: ....aaaaaaand we have liftoff! **grin**
Jon Stout (brasswatchman) says:

Oh, boy. If the werewolf virus is sexually transmitted, like Tip suggested, and it's deadly to the intellidogs...

Don't do it, Tip! Don't give the poor girls Intelligent Dog HIV!

The Auld Grump (theauldgrump) says:

He's got a superpower!

The Auld Grump

Typhin Reynard (typhin) says: Jon: All the intellidogs are already vaccinated, though.  ^_~
Michael Farren (farren) says:

Shaenon, I think you've got those dogs down.   Your early angst about drawing Sweetheart is a thing of the past, I hope.


So It Begins (soitbegins) says: No, it's a supersuperpower.
Kenneth Reeves (tetramorpheus) says: I hace to say, a good job getting Tip like mannerisms to carry through the transformation. Especially in pannel two.
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Does Sgt. Princess have a human sidekick named "Preston"? 

(TUNE: "Down The Highway", Jim Croce)

I've got fur and four feet; a wolf in fact!
I've got a tail!  I've got a tail!
But my superpower is still intact!
It doesn't fail!  It doesn't fail!

And I suddenly realize I feel just fine!
Well, take a number, girls,
And get in line!

Let make some Arctic heat now!
Change partners and repeat now!
Tip is alright, he'll have a three-dog night!

Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says:

I am predicting right here and now that there will be a Lady and the Tramp spagetti scene parody sometime in the next two weeks. Granted, it may involve human entrails or popsicles, instead of pasta but it will happen.

And yeah, I know of the dangers of putting an idea into Shanneon or Jeffery.

ribbles (ribbles) says: Uh, if you have sex with a dog while you're temporarily a dog, is that still bestiality?  Finally I have a question to send Randy Cohen.
Laura Chapple (ironychan) says: I suppose if the dogs here count as consenting adults, it's probably okay...
Johnn Reynolds (sleepyjohn) says:

As the team leader begins to assemble a new power-base...

"Honestly - like I've never been leashed to a lamppost before.'

Harris Bias (polychrome) says: All the bitches love Tip.
Jon W. (kd7sov) says: @eddurd: I wonder just how many people here will get that. I must admit that, personally, I wouldn't have were it not for Camwyn.
ysabet hasuko (ysabet) says: To ribbles:  Maybe it's not bestiality if you don't think bestiality. I mean, it's not cross-species sex at this point, sooooo... **grin** And I'm not even going to BEGIN to go into all the positions Tip'd be able to consider, what with four legs and a tail and a longer neck and wooo flexibility and-- I'll just shut up now, shall I?
EvilMid nightLurker (emlurker) says: If they have human-level intelligence and communication, it's xenophilia, not bestiality. ^.^
Corgi (corgi) says: Hey, I know Camwyn!  We were supposed to go to Inuvik together for a jaunt.
Lady Asphodel (ladyasphodel) says:

ysabet hasuko: Technically, it is still cross-species. He's a wolf (more or less), and they're dogs.

I'm going with EvilMid nightLurker's theory, though. The important thing is intelligence.

Kaesa Aurelia (kaesa) says: Actually, dogs and wolves belong to the same species (Canis lupus).  Domesticated dogs are just a subspecies of wolf.  (That's assuming the werewolves are Canis lupus, of course; I suppose they could be Canis lycaon or something.)
Drew (pseudowolf) says:

"You have no idea what I'd like to do to you"

Perhaps not, but I bet he knows exactly what you'd like him to do to you.

It's obviously a superpower. My question now is, does he know about it or is he oblivious to it?

Joyce Melton (halfelven) says:

Dogs and wolves as the same species is a current bit of fluff in some circles but I sincerely doubt that it will hold up as an idea over the long run. Cats are much closer to their wild ancestors than dogs are and housecats are considered a different species than Felis libyaica, the most likely relative.

Science has fashions and the discovery of DNA evidence that all breeds of dog have large genetic overlaps with wild wolves has overcome common sense. If you breed a lot of different sorts of dogs together, you don't get a wolf, you get a dog, even if you include wolves and wolfdogs in the mix.

It would make more sense to say the wolf is a subspecies of dog but that's too silly and no one does that. 

Dogs are distinct from wolves and wolves and dogs don't interbreed in the wild except in very rare circumstances. Wolves will eat dogs if they can and they won't eat other wolves except in very dire circumstances. They know the difference.

Speaking of wolves eating dogs, Tip is wagging his tail, isn't he? :) 

Archemedes Rex (archemedesrex) says:

This is the first time for me to comment, but I had to. I couldn't help it.


You guys did this to me!


(Tune: "Closer", Nine Inch Nails)

I wanna walk you like an animal

I wanna heel you by the curbside

I wanna walk you like an animal!

I'll feed you Purina One

You get me closer to... dog!

Brand Willis (brandyllyn) says:

So, Tip turned into the orginal Sweetheart idea.

Glad you ended up using that design.  I like the long-legged dog.

Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: I'd never thought of that - is it still bestiality if you're both dogs? Very clever, readers.
Bill McGann (odo) says: Is this what they mean by Animal Attraction? ;)
Four Deer (fourdeerinmyyard) says:

Drew said:  "My question now is, does he know about it or is he oblivious to it?"

Looks like he was oblivious in panel 2, but has it figured out in panel 4.

Shaenon Garrity (shaenongarrity) says:

Dogs, wolves, and coyotes are all the same species by the most standard biological definition: they can interbreed and produce fertile offspring. They're very close genetically. Nonetheless, they're often treated as separate species because they occupy different environmental niches and don't normally meet and breed without humans to hook them up.

But what about werewolves and genetically-engineered super-dogs? What THEN?
Fandarel (fandarel) says: We may find out.
Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says: Honestly, I didn't think there were pizza places this far inland in Alaska.
D. Connolly (theogrin) says: miyaa: You can travel to the end of the earth, climb to the peak of Mount Everest, sink into the depths of the Marianas Trench, and they'll STILL deliver your pizza in 30 minutes.
Rockphed (rockphed) says: Mount Everest I'll buy, the Marianas Trench, however, might take a little longer than 30 minutes.
Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) says: I recall seeing a news story once about an airplane-based pizza delivery service in Alaska.
Corgi (corgi) says:

Oh look, puppies!

(Yes, I always look at the puppies first.)

Eric Merit (besw) says: They won't even deliver to the southern half of Guam, so I doubt they'd go the extra 306 km to service the Trench. If you mean this Trench, though, I expect they'd be happy to help.
Cara d(^o^)b (carakaze) says: Puppies! XD
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Arf!
Kenneth Reeves (tetramorpheus) says: I'm reminded of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie in pondering how they might actually have paid said driver.
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Iron Man", Black Sabbath)

We need cheesy stix;
They're in packs of twelve or six!
Fast de-li-ve-ry,
Thirty minutes or its free!

Sticking to your snout;
Gooey inside, crunchy out!
Loved by old and young;
Eat too fast, you'll burn your tongue!

Ev'ryone wants them!
We'll be licking the box!
Getting the last crumb,
Dogg, this stuff really rocks!

If the humans die,
We'll have none, and we will cry!
People bring us food;
If they're gone, then we'll be screwed!

Buddy needs to see
Why we need hu-ma-ni-ty!
We'll be in a fix
If we have no cheesy stix!

Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says: Do you suppose the dogs' favourite pizza is Canadian Bacon, with extra bacon?
Daniel Roby (aserialpeace) says: yeah, I have to say something about thursday's comic. Risharthra!
John Ames (commodorejohn) says: Hey, as Neil Stephenson said, there are four things Americans do better than anybody else, and one of them is high-speed pizza delivery.
Drew (pseudowolf) says:

Puppies? Already?

Wow, Tip sure works fast!

Eric Burns (ericburns) says:

Don't forget that the complex has exits in many places, not just Alaska.

And I assume the Pack gets their pizzas all-dressed.

Drew (pseudowolf) says:

@miyaa: Do you suppose the dogs' favourite pizza is Canadian Bacon, with extra bacon?

I wonder if they make a poutine pizza?

(I have no idea what poutine is, just that I hear it named whenever people talk about Canadian foods. That and Tim Horton's)

Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says:

You know the chili and cheese tator tots that Sonic offers? That's the American version of Poutine.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to make me some tator tots.

Drew (pseudowolf) says: I haven't eaten at a Sonic in years, but it's basically chili cheese fries but with tater tots instead of fries? Interesting....
Maricruz Villalobos-Zamora (maki_p) says:

Wow! I'm gone only a day and Tip's already charming the girls of Sweetheart's pack! Just like with Dr. Lee. He's good, he's really good.

On today's topic: Weren't they created by humans? that sounds like a Big collaboration
Fandarel (fandarel) says: Tim Hortons!  Woo hoo!  Yes, I was born in Canada, why?
Adam Underfoot (unnatural20) says: Uh. Poutine is fries with cheese curds and gravy. Not chili cheese fries with tots 'tall. Andrew Kunz, you are sort of a crazy person.
Corgi (corgi) says:

Hyeah.  Buddy's the alpha. *snigger*

This makes me wonder how big the pack actually is (or was).

Rob (rrreed) says:

"(S)he is yours. After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true."
Joe Glow (joe_glow) says: was sweetheart really the runt of the litter?  she has not, so far, exhibited a typical runt personality!  runts are baaad dogs.
Joyce Melton (halfelven) says: Wait a minute, these are dogs, shouldn't Tip smell like a dead squirrel, too?
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Hoo hum.
Sol Foster (sol) says: Joyce -- Tip's been locked up.  He hasn't had a chance to roll in dead squirrel yet.
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "My Girl", The Temptations)

We got tension
From our stormy past ...
And when you won our fight,
Buddy dumped my sorry ass ...
Sparkle, please tell,
Has he always had that smell?
Like dead squirrel ...
Smellin' like dead squirrel ... dead squirrel!

He's got so much odor,
It stinks to heaven high!
Like a software coder,
Or road kill in July!
Though he looks hot,
Some uncommon scents he's got!
Like dead squirrel ...
Makin' my nose curl ... ... dead squirrel!

Andrew Kunz (miyaa) says: Adam: Sot of crazy? Ha. I'm thisclose from being Mad Scientist crazy. (Hmm...can I be a Mad Meteorologist?)
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: With Tip's superpower, I'm sure he smells like dead squirrel without even SQUIRREL!...... trying.
Robin (fiddlerbird555) says: The "Dead Squirrel" line is delivered as though it were a bad thing, btu these are dogs.
Cara d(^o^)b (carakaze) says: I don't think dead squirrel is really Tip's thing. ^^;
shui lung (draconautus) says: No I picture Tip rolling in cologne of some sort. But hey, whatever works to disguise the hunter's true scent . . .
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