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Shaenon: Drawing a lot of chibis lately. Let me have my fun.

Channing: Is there some reason we should not let you have your fun, when doing so produces cute little mini characters in this way?

Also, please tell me that lower left one is Chibi Lee and Chibi Dead Nick. Chibi Dead Nick looks so happy.

Brian Rogers (billionsix) says: Yay! Good for Nick! He actually got close to a girl!
John Breckenridge (jbrecken) says:

(TUNE "Dr. Wu," Steely Dan)

Are you Chibi Dr. Lee?
Are really just a version
Of the hottie Tip once "knew"?
Are you younger or just small?
You don't look ordinary at all!
Could she cuter draw you still?
Are you Chibi Dr?

Martin Hooper (martinjh99) says:

:) nice ones!!


Adam Underfoot (unnatural20) says: Brian, Nick has has pretty girls inside him at this point.
Also, a pretty man, a less-pretty man, a zombie, and a dog.

Shaenon, please continue having your fun. These chibis are just too cute.
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Little St. Nick", The Beach Boys)

Well, way out west where the air is dry,
There's a real rude dude who has learned to fly!
See, a sexy doctor just removed his brain,
And then stuck it in a top secret aer-o-plane!

He's the chibi dead Nick (chibi dead Nick)!
He's the chibi dead Nick (chibi dead Nick)!

Just a little aircraft that's VTOL,
Yeah, she cleaned up his language and improved his smell!
Now he flies through the skies, he can ride the breeze,
While his body is turned into MREs!

He's the chibi dead Nick (chibi dead Nick)!
He's the chibi dead Nick (chibi dead Nick)!

Pure Zerhakker ... pure Zerhakker ...
Pure Zerhakker ... pure Zerhakker!
(Hey, kiss my airfoils!)

With a high-speed uplink and secure Wi-Fi,
He'll play World of Warcraft with the D. of I.!
Now as Hanukkah comes, he will try to cope;
He can use a dreidel for a gyroscope!

He's the chibi dead Nick (chibi dead Nick)!
He's the chibi dead Nick (chibi dead Nick)!

Ooooo ... happy landings, Nicky!
(Off we go into the blue ...)
Ooooo ... happy landings, Nicky!
(Off we go into the blue ...)

Cara d(^o^)b (carakaze) says: XD
Elaine Corvidae (elaine_corvidae) says: This makes me miss the personality sprites. Oh, I bet Sweetheart has some cute ones!
Maricruz Villalobos-Zamora (maki_p) says:

Awww Chibis!!!

I love Chibis, can you make more Chibis Shaenon, please, please. pleeeaaaase

Carl Fishman (carlfishman) says: Elaine's right.  Sprites in Skinhorse would be awesome!  But chibis are fun too, and I'm always pleased to see drawings of Doc Lee (and Nicky) so this is a great Sunday filler.  More, please.
Frank (pokefan_frank) says: With these, you could make a "kids" or "babies" version which might just work!
Kendal Reed (auditors) says:


That is all. 

K C (spotweld) says: That makes me wonder..  what did they do with Nick's body after they scooped out the brain?
Lia (litram) says:

KC: Spare parts?

(I'm sure I'm not the first to have mentioned this :D )

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Awwwww! Chibi-Lee is so cutesexyevil!!
'Keiya' (keiya) says: KC: It was heavily implied his body was used for MREs.
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