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Been There Done That (btdt) says:

Oh those famous last words... you'd think someone regularly working with mad scientists would know better than to ask something like that.

Kate Cunningham (katfairy) says:

They have classes in "Mocking My Peers" now?  Man, this generation is spoiled- when I was that age, we had to teach ourselves!

Nate Cull (natecull) says:

You can't do Science without mocking your peers. That'd be like making rockets without fins, or lairs without a prominently displayed hair-trigger self-destruct mechanism. It's Code.

Rob (rrreed) says: HAH! She's not a mad scientist, she's a MAD ENGINEER! And you all laughed at me! Who's laughing now, monkey boy! BWAH-HA-HA-HA!
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Don't Bring Me Down", Electric Light Orchestra)

"Well, ev'rything here seems to be alright,
So I will leave," says Doctor Engelbright,
"What could go wrong?"
What, what, what, what, what?
I totally heard
Her say the Famous Last Words,
"What could go wrong?"

"I should be back in just an hour or two;
Let's turn her loose and see what she can do!
What could go wrong?"
What, what, what, what, what?
She seems rather keen
To fix that killing machine ...
What could go wrong?

What could go wrong ... B'r'nice?
What could go wrong ... B'r'nice?
What could go wrong ... B'r'nice?
What could go wro-o-ong?

"So while you've got the madgirl engineer,
I must return and learn to mock a peer!
What could go wrong?"
What, what, what, what, what?
Her handler's assumed
That they're most likely not doomed!
What could go wrong?

Nate Cull (natecull) says:

(Tune: "Rockin' My Life Away", Jerry Lee Lewis)

From 1945 to 2092
I'm a mad undergrad at the Institute
And I got Mocking, Mocking My Peers today
I been a markin' and a snarkin'
And makin' em rue the day

I got a girl called Engelbright, she's chili pepper hot
She can raise an eybrow twice as fast as Mr Spock
And we're Mocking, Mocking Our Peers today
I been a mockin' and a blockin'
Their funding both night and day

Spacefleet, hyperdrive, Federation brass
I give 'em all a fail 'cause I rock that Mocking class
I got Mockin', Mocking My Peers today
A giant moon laser, man that's so passe

I like my uber-science and I like my uber-fun
I like to blow up planets just as much as anyone
But it's Mocking, Mocking My Peers today
Gorillas? Please! Fix your Fashion Ray!


Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) says: Just wait until the mad scientists unionize. Or ionize. One of the two.
James Kehl (shykta) says:

I thought the Institute for the Sane Study of Mad Science must  have had a "Tempting Fate 101" compulsory course... apparently not. I do believe Dr Angelbright would have just flunked it...!

(Hey, if an Institute dedicated to the study of Mad Scientists doesn't have a grasp of Genre Awareness, who will? I wouldn't want to sell them insurance...)

Jon W. (kd7sov) says:

@James: You're assuming it would be a class in "how not to do it". Given the ubiquity of such tropes in the vicinity of mad science, a "get it over with in such a way as to cause the least damage" course would probably be more effective and more useful. Of course, the good doctor doesn't appear to have succeeded at that, either.

I wonder if Sweetheart's reaction might dampen the effects?

Adam (10-0-0-1) says: Alternatively she may know full well that she is tempting fate and finds looking over the aftermath upon return to be one of the job's few perks.
Mel Van Weelden (kessalia) says:

The fact that we haven't seen Tip for a while makes me think he's probably off changing his clothes.  Wether this is good or bad remains to be seen. 

Terry Smith (wcfan) says:

A bit Sherlock Holmesy, isn't it?

John Brown (werbluten) says:

Hmm... Should we hope that Tip does not recieve a makeover from Dr. Jones? Or would that be amusing.

Mike Kozar (mikekozar) says:

Ooooooh.  His crush just clicked for me.

Tigerlily is cute...hell, let's go all the way up to beautiful.  Tip is over it. His rampaging charisma means he has made time with plenty of gorgeous ladies before, so him being gobsmacked by a pretty face?  I don't buy it.

She's smart.  Mad genius smart.  That makes my fanboy heart go all a-flutter, but Tip was able to forget Ginny Lee...which tells me that he doesn't share my madgirl addiction.  

The interesting thing is, these are traits that Tip himself possesses, to a degree.  Girls think Tip is cute, and he is a man of science. Neither of those seem to be things he thinks about - he can get the girl, he can do the job.  So what?  No, no...the real challenge is finding a loophole in the company dresscode that will allow 18th century french ballgowns.

Fashion is something that Tip takes very seriously, and works very hard on. Tigerlily dresses nearly as eccentric as Tip, pulls it off with even more flair, and can do it while straightjacketed to a gurney.  "When she goes into the truck, she's in Institute grey.  We let her out, she's Foxy Brown.  No idea how."  She is his hero.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Shake Your Booty", KC and the Sunshine Band)

Ah, such a body!  And on the floor, such shoes!
High heels or hotness?  Does he have to choose?

     Take take take ... take take take ...
     Take her boots there!  Take her boots there!
     Take take take ... take take take ...
     Awesome footwear!  Awsome footwear!

Ah, Tip is, Tip is losing ... all control!
Wants her ... mind and body ... and her sole!
  (repeat chorus)

Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) says: Don't knock the boots, wait.
David Harmon (mental_mouse) says:

Indeed, his Inner Fabulousness is lusting after hers....


N B (daveclone7) says:

@Harmon: Inner?

Sam Ashley (evilmidnightlurker) says:

Checking the filename-story, we find that Unity's brain is alive and was cloned from the DNA of a "perfect assassin"...

...yeah, gotta be Mell. :)

Edwin Quantrall (reynard) says:

John Brown says: "Hmm... Should we hope that Tip does not recieve a makeover from Dr. Jones? Or would that be amusing."

Oh *HELL* yes that would be amusing! (*imagines Tip decked out in '70s "Ghetto chic"*...*head goes all asplody*...*LOLs insanely anyway* Yep, I'm just *too* easy to get a laugh out of...)

Sam Schmern (the_occupant) says:

The world would 'asplode' from such awesome. Dare we, dare we hope?

Cat Bascle (mage_cat) says:

@ evilmidnightlurker: Not only that, but the government got the DNA from a mad scientist who sold it to them.  Helen said she sold Mell's DNA to a "government bioweapon project". 

It all comes together :-)

Brian Rogers (billionsix) says:

Aww. You were doing so well! I was hoping you would make it to the end without a blatant 4th wall break.

Kita (kita_the_spaz) says:

Oh, no, Tip's superpower has failed him!

Woof Arf (woofnarf) says:

First time through, I misread the last line as "Y'all got a socket wench?"

I apologize to all for the depth of my depraved depravity.

Miss Jones, you must punish me.  I've been a naughty person...


Sam Ashley (evilmidnightlurker) says:

@woofnarf: Quick, someone put on a performance of The Heterodyne Boys and the Socket Wench of Prague!

Mike Kozar (mikekozar) says:

@evilmidnightlurker: We can't do the Socket Wrench of Prague! The third act needs a barrel and a half of bearing grease for the fight between the High Priestess and the Spider Queen, and we have maybe a tube and a half!

Adam Underfoot (unnatural20) says:

@mikekozar I have a few spare barrels.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Rock The Casbah", The Clash)

So Tip said, "You look happy"...
See Tigerlily smile!
The gloves and safety glasses,
They complement her style!
Those old decrepit white guys,
There's one good thing they did ...
They built deadly robots
That went and flipped their lids!

She ne-e-eds a half-inch ...
Socket wrench, now!  Socket wrench, now!
She ne-e-eds a half-inch ...
Socket wrench, now!  Socket wrench, now!

He offered his assistance,
She smiled and said, "Sure!"
Tip seemed a bit uncertain
At what failed to occur ...
Now something hasn't happened
That always did before;
He cranks up his charisma,
They're in bed by panel four!
It seems that Tip can't use his superpower
On this lovely flower!

She ne-e-eds a half-inch ...
Socket wrench, now!  Socket wrench, now!
She ne-e-eds a half-inch ...
Socket wrench, now!  Socket wrench, now!

John Ames (commodorejohn) says: Well now we know why he's attracted to her. She's the Unattainable.
John Breckenridge (jbrecken) says:

Socket to me!

K C (spotweld) says:

I love this comic!!

Brand Willis (brandyllyn) says:

I am ridiculously pleased you have an appropriately placed apostrophe in "y'all".

Go on about your business, nothing to see here.

Shaenon Garrity (shaenongarrity) says:

Brand-- I lived in Texas for a while as a kid, and I remember studying the correct grammar for "y'all" and "ain't" in speech class.
Adam (10-0-0-1) says: I get the sense that a subplot to this arc is the repeated blows to Tip's ego, he has been striking out a lot as of late it seems. Perhaps his inner fabulousness will save him.
Tom Powell (top1950) says:

First Doc Lee ignores him, and now Dr. Jones is immune to his charm.  Poor Tip may never recover from the shock! 

clark brooks (czark) says:

It would be too trite for TigerLiliy to simply be gay. The only remaining hypothesis is that their respective superPowers only work in Alpha configuration.

"Like I've never been handcuffed to a bed before" - anon.

Rob (rrreed) says: Possibly the right modulation, but definitely the wrong frequency. Can Tip adjust his sense of fashion to do the correct makeover of his wardrobe?
Derek Burrow (derekthebard) says:

I approve of all uses of the suffix "-naut".

Kate Cunningham (katfairy) says:

Oh, she did not diss the dress!  The question is now whether Tip is infatuated enough to let that slide.

Alex T-R (fronkadelic) says:

I'm still a little thrown by the fourth wall remodeling. Has anything like this happened before?

KaT Adams (kat_adams) says:

@Kate: You don't understand men and our obsessions. No such thing as "too infatuated". ;) (For example, my VERY nice 3" Tommy Girl heels are not to be ill-spoken of. They are sexy and mighty and when I stop wobbling so much so will I be!*)


*women are insane

Terry Smith (wcfan) says:

I think her insanity is contagious.

Adam (10-0-0-1) says: and they already had plenty to start with
ribbles (ribbles) says:

There is some George Clinton influence here I yam purty shur.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart", The Bee Gees)

Doctor Tip is looking dazed!  Each time before in life,
Seems ev'ry woman ran to him!
Looking good in botany flannel ...
But Tip is so confused he pokes the panel ...

And ...
Now she can mend ... a broken 'bot!
She can repair this pile of chrome!
Her pow'r projects ... from double-X
Two-fisted chromosomes!

Now she can mend this metal man!
Now she can fix a busted 'bot!
Please help us mend ... our broken friend,
You funky estronaut!

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

BTW, can I also say how much I love the word "estronaut"?  If this isn't in the OED, it should be.

Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says:

SO with Ed on this one -- "estronaut" is awesome. Many "genius" points go out to Shaenon and Jeffrey for that one.

James Kehl (shykta) says:

Clearly, "what could possibly go wrong" already has, and Tip's brain is now in a jar. (Which behooves the question of where he keeps his superpowers, if not in his brain... oh god, I don't want to know, do I?)

Now I shall sit back and await the lulz.

N B (daveclone7) says:

@KaT Adams: I think we're all looking forward to seeing that,  now.

Andrew Kunz (ampersand888) says:

I've noted that most of the cross-dressers I've met are just really good dressers period, they just like the way the womanly clothes fit on them. Well, now, can Tip dress the part of the Man?

Adam (10-0-0-1) says: Unity could not mean... *brain shorts out*
K C (spotweld) says:

Is someone going to have to have "the talk" with Unity?

Moe Lane (moelane) says:

So *that's* why it didn't work for Tip.

He will no doubt be relieved.

Moe Lane (moelane) says:

Sorry, let me be more specific: that's why Tip's powers didn't work on *Unity*.

Sam Schmern (the_occupant) says:

Frankly, I agree with Miss Jones, you have had far better outfits, Tip.

KaT Adams (kat_adams) says:

Unity makes me feel funny *down there*, but I've got a think for the psychotically violent.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "You're Sixteen", Ringo Starr)

Well, you've pondered and mused,
Feeling confused
Both below and above!
You're undead, you're violent and in love!

She's got big puffy hair,
Halter and flares,
Safety goggles and gloves!
You're undead, you're violent and in love!

You're a zombie; she's insane ...
She's got the beauty, she's got the braaiins!
She looks and sounds ... like Foxy Brown ...
Your chest engine revved, and won't slow down!

She's so funky and mod!
You want her bod!
(Or some portion thereof ...)
You're undead, you're violent and in love!

John Brown (werbluten) says:

In her toes, maybe?


John Ames (commodorejohn) says: Assuming this means what it seems to mean, the next question: is Unity into girls, or just into stylish psychos?
Just Here (justhere4coffee) says:

I suspect the answer to Unity's "preferences" is more obvious - being of (at least?) two minds, she's obviously Bi!

Matthew Mather (madtinkerer) says:

OR: Dr. Jones is a zombie/frankenstein of some kind, like Unity. This would explain why tip's power won't work on Bernice, why she doesn't care about Tip, and why Unity is reacting. Tip's reaction to her is due to not realizing his incompatibility.

Vlad Taltos (flyingfish) says:

@Just Here: So, the left half is straight and the right half is lesbian? Or the other way around? It could be important to know which side to grope.

Drew (pseudowolf) says:

I think Tigerlily is immune to Tip because she has the same power as him, except she's also into the ladies. Hence the reason she make Unity "feel funny". Remember, Tip has been able to do that to Unity as well.

Rob (rrreed) says: It's too bad Dr. Lee had to leave: it would have been interesting to see how she reacted to Dr. ("You call her Tigerlily, man!") Jones.

And is the water cooler a member of the machine union? If it is, what exactly does it do during its breaks?
Moe Lane (moelane) says:

...I'm just going to come back tomorrow and pretend that I didn't see this.

Rob (rrreed) says: @Moe — that's easy enough to accomplish…


Pretend you didn't see what?
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Feelings", Albert Morris and Loulou Gasté)

Feelings ... Unity has feelings ...
Feelings that are special ... special and new!
Feels like ... going to the bathroom ...
Also wants to bite off ... all she can chew!

    Feelings!  Whoa, wait!  What feelings?
    Such feelings for that Dr. Jones!  That funky foxy chick!
    Feelings!  Whoa, wait, what feelings?
    Whoa, wait, what feelings?  OK, that's just sick ...

Feelings ... such peculiar feelings ...
Makes her feel so funny ... funny down there!
Feeling ... like she wants to give her ...
Give her heart to Dr. Jones ... she's got a spare!

    Feelings!  Whoa, wait!  What feelings?
    She's feeling rather strange inside, but doesn't know just why!
    Feelings!  Such hungry feelings!
    She wants to take her out to lunch, and eat out at the "Y"!

Feelings ... Unity has feelings ...
Feelings for this psycho ... goddess of love!
Angry!  Tip is feeling angry!
Just because it's hard to find ... find matching gloves!

    Feelings!  Whoa, wait, what feelings?
    Whoa, wait, what feelings?  OK, that's just sick ...
    Feelings!  Whoa, wait, what feelings?
    Whoa, wait, what feelings?  OK, that's just sick ...
      (repeat & fade)

Johnn Reynolds (sleepyjohn) says:

...but he's not wearing the gloves...

Harris Bias (polychrome) says: That's how hard it is.
Dieter M. (tangerine) says:

Is UNITY speaking in entendres? Is it entirely concidence that Unity is holding one cup?


Also:  Suddenly realizing the implications of the ability to change body parts at will.


Troy Smith (tcreole) says:

Dieter, you know, in a way... Unity IS two girls with one cup.

Dieter M. (tangerine) says:

If that link doesn't work, it's September 29 2009.

Check out Jon Stout's comment at the very bottom. If the "third F" part of UNITY's brain was overwritten for more of the first two F's, then that could explain why her feelings are those of feeding and fighting.



Frank (pokefan_frank) says:

Waaay late, I know, but I only just noticed the reference to The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy in Friday's strip

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