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Shaenon: Ed Gedeon writes, "As soon as Tigerlily Jones showed up, I knew what I had to draw for you. It was a beautiful weekend outside, and I spent a good chunk of it indoors drawing this for you. Well, I hope you're satisfied."

I am indeed. Thank you for suffering for our art, Ed.

Channing: You never fail to impress, Ed Gedeon; I think this is my favorite thing yet from your quarter. Thanks for doing that thing you do.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: This is either right, or so wrong.
Dave Estep (cyaegha) says:

 Okay, after sevareal years of lurking, I simply had to register to say this: Tip Is Adorable. Infatuation does have it's perks.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Of course, you know what song goes with this ...

(TUNE: "Stayin' Alive", The Bee Gees)

Oh, you can tell by the way I use my brain,
I'm a scientist, and pure insane!
Steam so hot and gears so cold!
Well you better run, my plans unfold!

You know it's OK, it's alright,
Though you won't make it through the night!
Watch me now, I'll make a plan,
I won't be kept down by the Man!

Aren't you feeling silly
You messed with Tigerlily?
Now you're all gonna die!  All gonna die!
Feeling kinda groovy
And dressing like a movie,
Now you're all gonna die!  All gonna die!
All gonna die!  All gonna die!
All gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!

Sean Kinlin (seaking) says:

The little details are great, too, like "G's Bees".  And yes, the filk is perfect.   :)

Executive Jones (alltherecordcompanies) says:

Dear Mr. Gedeon,

That song is just too great. We would like to cut you a trillion-dollar record deal. Please sign and return the enclosed contract to our office at your next convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Executive Jones
All The Record Companies Ever


PS I'm not related to any Tigerlily Jones. Jones is a very common last name.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Well, thank you all.  And Mr. Jones, I sent that contract back to the nearest convenience store just like you asked.

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