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Shaenon: The Lurch for the Cure continues! John Sears was kind enough to share this T-shirt design for The Zombie Rights Campaign. As you can see, Unity is one of the Campaign's spokescorpses, doing her part for undead rights. Thanks, John!

Channing: The Lurch for the Cure has done many wonderful things for me, personally. I am actually wearing my nice soft ZRC T-Shirt as I type this, and it is comfy enough that I think I am going to wear it to bed. Additionally, a sturdy purple folder presented to me by John Sears one time has proven invaluable in keeping my Shadowrun quickstart rules all in one place. Lastly, even though John and I have both bought each other pizza, John has also bought me blueberry frozen yogurt, something I have not done for him, which means he is one up on me in the favor department. Thanks, John Sears Lurch for the Cure!

John Sears (john_sears) says:

Yes, forward, always Lurching toward equality.

You both forgot to mention how you kindly allowed Unity to appear on this shirt design, which will shortly go on sale with all proceeds to benefit The Lynn Sage Foundation, a great breast cancer research charity. It's a bold first step toward the goal of 'curing death' in general.

Ysabet Just Ysabet (theysabet) says:

**waves hand** Breast cancer survivor here, 6 years just last week-- and I wanted to say Thanks From Flatland for the above.  Believe me, those of us who've been-there-done-that-got-the-tshirt (though not this one; gonna buy one when it's up) appreciate any help we can get... and so will many, many other women across the world, until this particular route towards death gets eradicated at last. Thanks, y'all.

Sorry, Unity; I'd prefer to stay alive for a little while longer, okay?  No offense meant.  ^__^

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: ......
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

@Ysabet: a salute to you, ma'am.  I've lost a couple of family members to cancer, and it always makes me happy to hear survivors' stories.  Best wishes from me to you; eat your veggies and stay healthy!

(TUNE: "Walking After Midnight", Patsy Cline)

We go out lurching
On a weeknight,
Out in the moonlight,
We're Lurching For The Cure!
We go out lurching, on a weeknight, you can be sure!

We go out lurching
On the weekend,
And with a dead friend,
Go lurching down the street!
We go out lurching, on the weekend, isn't that neat?

And for the real Lynn Sage Foundation,
Each shirt makes a donation,
Funding we can secure!
And with the funds we raise from lurching,
Scientists are searching,
Theyll find the cancer cure!

We go out lurching,
Day or night-time!
'Cause it's the right time,
And the proper thing to do!
We go out lurching, day or night-time, lurching for you!

Paul Lenoue (palenoue) says:

I hope we get to meet the guy in the hat some day.  Been my experience that when a large group does something like this, the people with the best/silliest hats are the most interesting.

John Sears (john_sears) says:

The guy in the hat is actually Baron Mardi, a friend of the ZRC's from Atomic Age Cinema and The Dark Carnival film festival, who was also kind enough to lend his image to the fundraiser.  So you could meet him in real life someday.  I'd advise bringing beer, he's fond of that.

Wayne West (wayne_zombie) says:

John is also selling my card game, Zombie Cafe, at the festivals that he attends.  He even gave a copy to George Romero! (I also gave a copy to Shaenon which she seems to have totally ignored :-) )

John Sears (john_sears) says:

It's true, we have met George Romero in person, but The Man kept us from engaging him in a long dialogue about his many crimes against Zombiekind.  

The Man being represented in this case by convention security people.  On the other hand, we obtained his signature for, err... furture... forensic purposes.  Yeah.  It's a handwriting sample, not an autograph, don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

Unity's method for defeating him would probably be: "Hey, look, John Russo!" and then when he turns his back, of course, leg sweep.

Shaenon Garrity (shaenongarrity) says:

Wayne: I did get the card game! Thank you!
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