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Shaenon: Check out these boss drawings of the cast by Nora McCarty! I like the glowing radiation-colored D of I above. Of course, I always like the D of I.

Thanks, Nora!

Channing: Yeah, that top one is totally eye-stabbingly awesome. D of I fanart tends to be very aggressive, color-wise. I guess it's that Cherenkov glow thing?

Anyhow, thanks for the fan-art!

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Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Lady Madonna", The Beatles)

Nora McCarty!
Knocking off our socks!
When McCarty's arty,
Her fan art rocks!

Nora McCarty!
Colors catch your eye,
When she draws the staff of
The D of I ...

   Oh, that radiation called Cherenkov!
   Chris and Marcie now both sadly know,
   Radium you shouldn't take a drink of ...
   See how they glow!

Nora McCarty,
With her eyes a-gleam!
Awesome when she draws 'em,
The Skin Horse team!

Nora McCarty,
Now what do we see?
Tip and Nick and Sweetheart
And U-ni-ty!

   Unity has weapons; not surprising!
   Sleeveless top is showing off her charms!
   Plus, her legal rights she's exercising ...
   She's "baring" arms!

Nora McCarty!
Thanks for all you drew!
Just 'cause you like Skin Horse,
We like you too!

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