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Shaenon: Oh hellza yeah! Feech, Jeff's significant other, has gone above and beyond with this lovely painting of Sweetheart and Gavotte. I especially like the details like Sweetheart's little collar charm. Thank you so much, Feech!

Channing: It's even better in person, trust me. I heart the heck out of this picture; 'nuff said.

Adam (10-0-0-1) says: Magnificent artwork, I also love how relaxed sweetheart's posture is. I wonder what they could be discussing right now.
Scott Malcomson (calbeck) says: This satisfied my U.S. RDA of Vitamin D'AWWWWW -:)
casimir (casimir) says:

THAT is an amazing work! She's captured the essence of Sweetheart and Gavotte and the nature of their relationship.

Plus, I just want to scritch Sweetie's fwuffy widdle ears!

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Very nice. Love the bee on the nose.
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Let It Bee Be", The Beatles)

On a Sunday morn, we see a portrait,
Posing pretty as you please!
Sweetheart and Gavotte, they're
Dog and bees!

It's better than a photograph,
No awkward grins or saying "Cheese!"
Just relaxed and happy
Dog and bees!

     Dog and bees, dog and bees,
     Dog and bees, dog and bees ...
     They're from Project Skin Horse,
     Dog and bees!

Look at Sweetheart!  She's so cute and cuddly,
I just want to hug and squeeze!
Give Gavotte a high-six!
Dog and bees!

When they order out for Chinese food,
Gavotte prefers her Cantonese;
Mandarin for Sweetheart ...
Dog and bees!

     Dog and bees, dog and bees,
     Dog and bees, dog and bees ...
     Feech's finest fan art,
     Dog and bees!

Jon McCormick (youko) says:

Sweetheart is so cute there. ^_^ Wonderful job. =)

Brandon Gorley (bowtothebard) says:

For one reason or another, I haven't left a comment here for at least six months, but this picture has stirred something from deep within me that must be let out!


g g (geminii) says:

Tailed and furred so fine;
Honey'd what she sees,
Beads and velvet deck,
Locket 'round her neck,
Duty and The Bees.

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