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Shaenon: This is so awesome. Christina "Delphina" Major, creator of Sombulus, was inspired by the August swimsuit wallpaper to draw this incredible scene. You can see a larger version, with additional explanation, at Christina's DeviantArt site, where you can learn, for example, that Tigerlily's jet ski is named the SS Freefunk Wavejammer. Thanks so much, Christina!

Channing: OMIGOSH SWEETHEART FELL OFF HER SURFBOARD THAT IS SO ADORABLE. I don't know why. It's probably pretty distressing for her, but then again, Sweetheart is adorable when distressed. Yes, that's right, here at "Skin Horse" we abuse cartoon dogs for your enjoyment. I don't know what this says about us, or rather "me", because most of the Sweetheart-abuse seems to comes from my writing quarter.

My own concerns notwithstanding, this is just lovely. Unity obviously wins the panel, deviating from her usual strategy of "finding animal and making hat out of it" to the slightly different but obviously related "finding animal and making surfboard out of it".

Adam (10-0-0-1) says: Sweetheart, I do not think that is what the boss had in mind when she ordered you to take a bath.
woozy (woozy) says:

1)  Dogs can't surf.  Sweatheart isn't surfing she's doing the dog paddle.


2)  That might not have been what the boss had in mind, but it doesn't look like Sweetheart's having a good time of it.


3)  Unity's jumping the shark!  Say it ain't so!

Lee-Anne Phillips (lioness) says:

I was so pleased to see the Yaoi thread end with a kiss. I'd been predicting it to myself, and then it suddenly appeared.

On the other hand, it's sort of scary, because this implies that I'm starting to think like a Skin Horse Head!


W o o d (wood) says:


1) Oh yeah ? Since when ?

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Surfin' USA", The Beach Boys)

If ev'rybody had a swimsuit
And hung around Skin Horse,
Then to the beach you'd see them all scoot,
So they could surf, of course!
Those styles from the 60's
Are still in vogue today!
Now they're lookin' so nifty!
Surfin' Skin Horse way!

Now Tigerlily made a jet-ski,
It's powered all by springs!
And see the crazy braid of Miss Bee,
As back and forth it swings!
See Marcie doing a cutback,
She's catch some air today!
To the office, we won't go back!
Surfin' Skin Horse way!

And Unity just won the battle,
She really jumped the shark!
And Sweetheart's doin' doggie-paddle,
A soggy doggie bark!
Tip's an expert, we're certain!
His skills are on display,
('Cause his suit's so tight, it's hurtin'!)
Surfin' Skin Horse way!

woozy (woozy) says:

>>>1) Oh yeah ? Since when

Well, I said dogs don't surf.  We're allowed to have one that can.

>>>>Sweetheart is a dog, so she can probably surf by 1960s rules, too, but I believe she was a bit disoriented by Unity punching a shark.

It's not clear to me, according to that, whether Sweetheart is or is not surfing.  Maybe she did fall off her surfboard.  But if so where is the surfboard.  Likewise, did Unity have a surfboard on her way out to catch the shark?  Or did she bring the shark along just for the occasion?

Dave Corbett (mr_dave) says:

I'm not entirely sure that suit really flatters Tip's figure.

Just sayin'...

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