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Adam (10-0-0-1) says: Tip looks disturbingly feminine in the last panel, even for Tip.
Ysabet Just Ysabet (theysabet) says:

Dear gods; wait'll Tip introduces Sweetheart to beignets, there'll be a catastrophic drift of powdered sugar all over Bourbon Street (if there isn't already. Hm, come to think of it, I guess there is.)

Andrew Kunz (ampersand888) says:

Wait. Godzilla defeated Rodan with a Hurricane?

Carolyn Chan (hraefn) says:

@Adam: Definitely more feminine. I've been trying to put my finger on what's different, then I realized... did Tip shave his arm hairs off?

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Mustang Sally", Wilson Pickett)

Rampage fury!
On a strange New Orleans trip!
Rampage fury!
She will turn it all on Tip!
Though her fury may be furry,
He can stop it ... with just one sip!

Here they got a gin fizz made with flower water ...
Drink, Sweetheart, drink!
Put a stop to senseless disarray and slaughter ...
Drink, Sweetheart, drink!
This is how they stopped the rampage of a kaiju ...
Drink, Sweetheart, drink!
In Lou-i-si-a-na, way down in the bayou!
Drink, Sweetheart, drink!
Don't know why you left the bayou?
You may be drunker than you think!

David Harmon (mental_mouse) says:

Hey, we got a hood selling hoodies up there.  Maybe send Unity over?

Derek Burrow (derekthebard) says:

Nah.  Sweetheart needs a new target for her latest rampage.

I want to see the cast of Skin Horse hang out at Cafe Dumond, eating beignets. 

New Orleans was an awesome place to visit back in September.  But dear god was it hot.

Johnn Reynolds (sleepyjohn) says:

Tagged in a no-loitering zone and given a fruity drink.  Given Sweetheart's tolerance, she'll be on her back for tummy rubs in moments.

Tip is MardiGras x 365.

Paul Patine (khno) says:

Gin fizz pour les jeunes filles,

Cocktail passion

étanche la soif de destruction,

tout est paix qui pétille...

Mais dans le bayou le thé

qui jamais ne bout

cache dans son sombre été

des mystères de fange et de boue

Josh Shepherd (bergerjacques) says:

If any city can come up with Rodan-destroying Volcanoes, its New Orleans.

fluffy <3 (fluffy) says:

I've only ever seen a Gin Fizz made with flower water. Until now I had believed that being made with flower water was its defining characteristic. Wikipedia says I am wrong, and am thinking of the Ramos Gin Fizz, which is apparently also known as the New Orleans Fizz, which then ties it back to this comic. Huh!

woozy (woozy) says:

Wait, when Tip says "grilling" does he mean what sweetheart thinks he means?

Viktor Dosk (hugin) says:

I can think of 3 versions of grilling. Sweetheart's would involve handcuffs and a dark room(maybe a whip if the situation called for it). Tip would use all that and a cocktail or 3. Unity would use a barbecue. 

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: . . .
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Born To Run", Bruce Springsteen)

Well, I've been rampagin'
In this city Cajun,
I've been out of touch for hours ...
Now Tip, where could he be?
With a girl named Phoebe
Who gave him a lei (of flowers!)
From her girlfriend Babs, she just got a Tweet,
She can find stuffed crabs!  A buffet, all-you-can-eat!
We'll sing karaoke to loud applause,
And we'll skirt the laws and have fun because
In New Orleans, life is fun!
'Cause on Friday nights,
Well drinks all are two-for-one!

Johnn Reynolds (sleepyjohn) says:

Let's see: the genetically altered dog is talking to the transvesite psychologist about the standard-issue homo sapiens that their residual human resource is swamp-boogie'ng with, and he's described as 'creepy'.

What's creepy is that he seems to be a normal human being.

Fortunately, that won't last.  Not around Unity.

Paul Lenoue (palenoue) says:

We have ways to make you giggle, er, I mean talk.

Jon Stout (brasswatchman) says: Late to the party here. Has anyone else noticed the number of Mardi Gras beads Tip is wearing? Obviously a lot of disappointed frat boys wandering around New Orleans tonight...
Mary Potts (queenofcapes) says:

...What kind of salute is that? French? Brittish?  Honestly, I was just reading about this, but I can't tell...

Brian Rogers (billionsix) says:

And of course, Tip has remembered his lesson, and incorporated it into his behavior. He learned Phoebe's name!

Grant McCormick (grantcmccormick) says:

Feeling a little bitchy, are we, Sweetheart?

Andrew Cole (andy4hire) says:

@grantcmccormick:  You could argue that, in the second panel, Phoebe is also feeling a little bitchy.  Or at least scratching one's chin.

Doug Wykstra (dwykstra) says:

Sweetheart obviously has a problem with touchy-feely types.  Is this normal for a hyper-intelligent dog?  Non-intelligent ones seem to enjoy it.  Or does Sweetheart like the sensation, but consider it a demeaning reinforcement of negative stereotypes?  I have a hard time believing a former sled dog could have a huge need for personal space.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'", Lee Hazlewood)

Dennis has a little talking dog now!
She's so cute and cuddly, what a doll!
Pardon if my brain is in a fog now ...
It's marinated well in ethanol!

    It's just the booze that's talking!
    And hey, what does it say?
    My fifth Bahama Mama says that everything's OK!

Listen to the liquor I'm imbibing!
Tells me ev'rything I need to know!
Dr. Tip, more makeouts he's prescribing ...
Guess my shirt and bra have got to go!

    It's just the booze that's talking!
    And hey, what does it say?
    My fifth Bahama Mama says that everything's OK!

Bethany Wade (bethanygirl) says: Okay, I just have to say, that is soooo good Ed, thank you for making my morning even greater than Skin Horse already does.
casimir (casimir) says:

I'm hearing Nancy Sinatra saying: 

"Are ya ready, booze? Start talkin!" (cue horns)

Thanks Ed.

....and Sweetheart IS a grouchy snowball!

John Ames (commodorejohn) says: Ah, alcohol, the great social lubricant...
Andrew Kunz (ampersand888) says:

  1. Wait. Dennis?
  2. I hate talking to dogs like they were babies. Especially when you have dogs dressed in clothes. Remember: most breeds of dogs already have fur! They don't need a sweater!
  3. When the booze starts talking back to you, it's time to cut off your alcohol.
  4. Again, Dennis?

Ysabet Just Ysabet (theysabet) says:

Dennis, yeah; it's actually his first name, but yaknow.... uh-uh. Doesn't work for me either.

Mmmm, the Big Easy, where the Zombies talk back to you (Literally, in the case of Unity.)

Mike Kozar (mikekozar) says:

Bahama Mama:  My advice to you is to begin drinking heavily.

Otter: Listen to her, she's pre-med!


Shaenon Garrity (shaenongarrity) says:

Dennis is a perfect name for someone who prefers to be known by a completely different name.

Apologies to all men called Dennis.
Rachel Blackman (rainpacket) says:

Ed, Ed, Ed.  How did you pass up the obvious 'This Dog Was Made For Talking' filksong version of Sweetheart's origin story in favor of referencing the booze?

Ben N (mittfh) says:

@Rachel - I'm nowhere near talented enough to attempt verses, but (admittedly after a large glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, so I won't realise how pathetic it is unless I come back and re-read these comments later)...


This dog was made for talkin'
And that's just what she'll do!
One of these days that dog of yours
Will talk right back to you!

(Ready, Sweetheart? 1, 2, 3...)

llearch n'n'daCorna (llearch) says:

@dwykstra: Depends on if she was lead dog or one of the trailers. After all, you know what they say - the view of the second dog never changes... *grin*

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

@Rachel: I picked "booze" because it's closer to the "boots" from the original lyrics.  Also, booze talks to me more often than my dog ever did.

Mary Potts (queenofcapes) says:

Does Tip have brothers named North and South?

Dave Corbett (mr_dave) says:

Doug Wykstra (dwykstra) says: 

Sweetheart obviously has a problem with touchy-feely types. Is this normal for a hyper-intelligent dog?

It's because she's working (apparently the only team member who is) and she knows that as soon as Phoebe finds that spot between her ears, her brain will shut down completely...


Andrew Cole (andy4hire) says:

@mr_dave:  While that's usually the case, this time it's Unity who's the only one doing anything that looks like working.  Sweetheart is on a rampage, or just coming down from one, and hasn't really been working for several strips now.

Edward Hicks (edward_hicks_vi) says:

The skin horse team should totaly retire here. Also, First POST!

Cat Bascle (mage_cat) says:

It's like I say, "New Orleans; The city too weird to judge."

Kay Gilbert (kaygilbert) says:

If nothing else, New Orleans certainly seems to have resuscitated Tip's pre-Tigerlily mojo.  No wonder—Phoebe is one hot Bahama Mama!

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Alexander's Ragtime Band", Irving Berlin)

When I'm in here, when I'm in here,
I'd stand out if not in drag!
So have a beer!  Another beer!
'Cause I'm half-way in the bag!
When the lovely lady Phoebe wants to see me, I confess,
Soon we'll be undressing and be messing 'round, I guess!
Hate to brag, but soon we'll shag!  (So don't nag!)

Now Unity, now Unity,
Has a new mortician friend!
A drink or three, you too will see,
That the fun here doesn't end!
And there's a whole transgenic post-Katrina par-ty scene now!
So give a cheer, because it's clear
I won't go stag when I'm in drag!

Josh Shepherd (bergerjacques) says:

Let Tigerlily make a sudden apppearence and you will see Tip's mojo go awry all over again. She got the power of funk on her side.

Kay Gilbert (kaygilbert) says:

@Ed, You have to read Stephen Sondheim's Finishing the Hat: Collected Lyrics (1954–1981), where he discusses his lyrics and those of other famous songwriters.  The only thing wrong with the book is that you're not in it.  Irving Berlin had nothing on you, kid!

Adam (10-0-0-1) says: poor sweetheart, I know how she feels. When you get use to being stressed out on the job it is hard to not be even when nothing stressful is happening.
Rob (rrreed) says: In other words, Sweetheart is stressing out over not having anything to stress out about. She knows it can't last!
Just Here (justhere4coffee) says: Panel 4 goes to show that you don't need expressive ears or ponytails to fully display just how sad you are... Poor Tip!
Rachel Blackman (rainpacket) says:

Crankiness loves company.

Mark Chapman (aardvark86) says:

Anyone else think "This is the easiest assignment ever!" is, well, ?

Mark Chapman (aardvark86) says:

Hmmm, wonder if this works ...

<a href="">Tempting Fate</a>

Mark Chapman (aardvark86) says:


Jeffrey Channing Wells (channing) says: There are two flavors of "comment box" on this page -- one appears if you have Javascript enabled (and has little buttons for things like text formatting) and one is just a straight up HTML box which appears when you view the page without Javascript. HTML linking, as you attempted above the second time, only works on the second type of box. Hope this helps.
Adam (10-0-0-1) says: that is a strange spammer there
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Till There Was You", Meredith Willson)

On this trip, here with Tip,
My emotions I'm debating!
I don't see why people won't be
Cranky as me!

Lost his hat, he says that
Was so much more ir-ri-ta-ting!
Yet he still refuses to be
Cranky as me!

'Cause they've got cocktails
And a seafood buffet ... each Wednesday!
When you buy one mint julep,
Get the next ... for free!

In this pub, they've got grub
And this drink I'm con-tem-pla-ting!
I want ev'rybody to be
Cranky as me!

Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) says: See, the spammer knows how to insert URLs. And maybe they offer faux-fox hats!
Andrew Kunz (ampersand888) says:

I'm watching this while listening to Katy Parry's Hot 'n Cold on my Pandora. Song fits Sweetheart to a T.

Next on Pandora...Conjunction Junction!

Gregory Rihn (ggrihn) says:

What, mixing Hurricanes (rum, etc.) with Mint Juleps (whisky)? Ooh, the hangover's going to be wicked!

Jon Stout (brasswatchman) says: @Adam - nah, it's more than that. Sweetheart's feeling alone. She probably needs to go rampage some more.
Adam (10-0-0-1) says: Tip, that was low.
Derek Burrow (derekthebard) says:



...that is either the most disgusting or most brilliant thing ever developed.  I've just spent 14.5 hours in a kitchen making the same dishes over and over again, so it may just be the novelty and exhaustion talking, but...I want it.  Seriously.

Go forth, internet!  Make me alligator sausage cheesecake!  With it, I shall take over THE WORLD!

Daniel Ross (nentuaby) says:


It's for realz, at any rate:

I've never had a savory cheesecake, but it does sound absolutely delicious (in a painfully unhealthy kind of way.)

Andrew Kunz (ampersand888) says:

Well skin me alive and call me luggage.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Ai yi yieee.
Sam Ashley (evilmidnightlurker) says:

Now I need to find a source for alligator sausage...

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

WIFE: Ed, we've got a lot to do today!  What are you doing now?
ME: Writing a filk about alligators.
WIFE: Well, make it snappy!

(TUNE: "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer", Randy Brooks)

   Let's get alligator sausage cheesecake!
   That would make our whole New Orleans trip!
   Also, we'll need muffalettas, ladies!
   Dammit, you fight dirty, Dr. Tip!

They went down to old New Orleans,
Legal papers for to serve ...
How'd they end up in this tavern?
They've got Hurricanes, plus hot and cold hors d'oeuvre!

When Tip saw that crowd of co-eds,
Like that movie with Nick Cage,
He was gone in sixty seconds!
And poor Sweetheart up and went on a ram-page!

   (repeat CHORUS)

Sweetheart started kicking coffee,
Vi-o-la-ting minor laws!
Leaving nose-prints on the windows
And some footprints in wet concrete with her paws!

When, at last, she found where Tip was,
His new girlfriends gathered 'round!
They don't care if Sweetheart's talking,
'Cause in alcohol the weirdness all was drowned!

   (repeat CHORUS)
   (and one more CHORUS with a key change!)

Adam Underfoot (unnatural20) says:

Oh, Ed. Or possibly Ed's wife. Depends on whether or not that joke occurred.

Dieter M. (tangerine) says:

The second to last place online where I'd expect to see Tiny Toons quoted.



vicka corey (drbrain) says:

a savory cheesecake is much like a quiche.  yum yum! :)

Andrew Kunz (ampersand888) says:

  1. Dieter: Glad you got the quote. Here have a cookie. *Hands Dieter a cookie. Chocolate chip peanut butter cookie to be exact.* Now where was the last place online you'd expect a Tiny Toons quote?
  2. I'm not sure which is more surprising: that Ed's married or that he's tried out his filking on her before. And really Grandmother Ran Over by a Reindeer is really uncalled for. Now I'll never get it out of my head!
  3. (Really could use a Muffaleta right now. I am also wondering where do you find the alligator meat for the alligator sausage. Unless this isn't alligator meat that's used to make this sausage? Ow, I think my head hurts.)

Andy Wetmore (efogoto) says:

Thank you Ed for giving new words to an old earworm.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

OK, to be honest, the "make it snappy" joke is really old ... I became aware of it after Terry Pratchett parodied it in "Witches Abroad".

But yes, I am married.  To a very patient and tolerant lady who puts up with my so-called humor, and I love her a lot.

Tom Powell (top1950) says:

So what happened to the brunette Tip was taking to the hotel?

Ysabet Just Ysabet (theysabet) says:

RE: alligator sausage - My home town's only about 4 hours' drive from NO and every now and then we get legal alligator meat for sale; the population breeds like CRAZY in safe areas and gets too large, so there's culls instituted. And nowadays they breed them in captivity pretty commonly-- try  I've had it, the sausage's pretty good, but I prefer the plain meat peppered up and deep-fried, me. The tail's got the tenderest cuts.

Andrew Kunz (ampersand888) says:

So alligators are...sort of like cows? Great meat AND leather handbags?

Cat Bascle (mage_cat) says:

One time my friends and I were in NO and went to a restaurant that really did have fried alligator as an appetizer.  We got some and you know what?  It really did taste like chicken.

Johnn Reynolds (sleepyjohn) says:

I can has alligator cheesecake sausage?

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