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Shaenon: I had a great time at Arisia in Boston last month. Thanks so much to everyone! As you can see, we even had Skin Horse cosplay! Two people I know only as Drs. Pywaket and Brain dressed as Tip and Tigerlily, with Sweetheart. There was also a Dr. Lee (with tiny Nick) in the group, but I didn't get any photos of her. If anyone has pics, please pass them along!

Other highlights included an official sing-along of the many songs posted by Ed Gedeon and others in the SH comment threads, during which I demonstrated my mastery of the "Paradox" song from The Pirates of Penzance. Also, a very nice woman asked me to sketch Nick's rabbi in her book, which made me inordinately happy for some reason. Thank you, Arisians!

Channing: Very commendable, you guys. Once more we see fans setting a standard by which other fan-works may be judged. I hereby encourage everyone to follow the example of these fine people for the mere fact that it amuses me greatly. And you like it when I'm amused.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "My Way", Paul Anka)

That day,
I was a guest,
An honored one
There at Arisia ...
That was the best!
Can't have more fun
Without a seizure!
I'm glad ... that I could go!
I loved to meet ... the fans, because, hey,
As all ... these photos show,
They're doing Cos-play!

This guy,
He came as Tip,
With padded chest
In something frilly ...
Oh my!
Now that's a trip!
His girl was dressed
As Tigerlily!
Her coat!  Her massive 'fro!
Her Science Pants ... ruled in a boss way!
They love ... my comic so,
They're doing Cos-play!

[big finish]
And when others think
That they're absurd,
And say they stink
And call them "Nerd" ...
Each true fan knows,
But doesn't care!
They love their clothes,
They love their hair!
They and their ilk
Will game and filk
While doing COS-PLAY!!

vicka corey (drbrain) says:



that was SO MUCH FUN!  & i'm tickled pink you liked it!!!!


plus, now i have your autograph on my giant wrench.  ain't nothing cooler than that :)



vicka corey (drbrain) says:

(she LIKED us!  she REALLY LIKED US!!! :)

vicka corey (drbrain) says:

ps. to eddurd: afaik, neither tip nor pywaket pads.  they simply choose garments that flatter their natural beauties ;)

David Harmon (mental_mouse) says:

Does this mean that "very nice woman" is the only person besides you who knows what Nick's rabbi looks like?  I'm pretty sure he hasn't been in-frame otherwise...

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