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Andrew Kunz (ampersand888) says:

"And in the glowing bliss afterword while a soothing voice from above sang out Hey Nony Nony, Ambyrr said, 'Aren't you glad I kept you from eating Ed, our Royal Minstral?'"

woozy (woozy) says:

Funny.  I just started reading "The Princess and the Goblin" on my Kobo this week.

Will this excellent volume tell us why the second goblin queen wears shoes?

If I ran the zoo ...  I'd give Leo a return appearence.

woozy (woozy) says:

So what does Unity's tee-shirt say?  Ban Head Surgery?  Ban Healthy Snacks?  Bank Hero Sammiches?

(confusador) says:

@woozy I believe it's "Ban Head Shots".  As seen here, but I can't figure out what code this site wants for links:

Ysabet Just Ysabet (theysabet) says:


....oh c'mon, y'all were thinking the same thing. I'm just the one who went and said it.  **halo**

woozy (woozy) says:

Okay, HTML *doesn't* work but just typing in the URL seems to.  Don't know why it didn't work for you.

Adam Underfoot (unnatural20) says:

Different levels of WCN membership, I think? Some have access to automarkup; some don't.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: If you have the rich text editor turned on (the default), you can't do HTML but get automarkup.

If you have it off, you HAVE to use HTML.

I use HTML.
woozy (woozy) says:

>>>Different levels of WCN membership, I think?

Well, that can't be 'cause I've got the absolute lowest membership there is.  I'd guess it's more likely number of posts posted.  Are maybe ... no that doesn't make sense.

Anyhoo... My first thought at the shirt was "Ban Health" which makes a bit of sense if death is the opposite of health then ...  But "Ban Head Shots" makes oodles more sense.

woozy (woozy) says:

>>If you have it (rich text editor) off, you HAVE to use HTML.

Ah.  *THAT* makes sense then.  (Although I didn't know I could turn Rich text off...)

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

@Andrew: No, Ambyrr said she was the one who was going to ... never mind.

(TUNE: "Hot Stuff", Donna Summer)

Princess wants to see just what he's got now,
"No, how can you want me?" he thinks ...
She says "O M G, you're super hot now" ...
Soon they will be mating like minks!

They're gonna have some HOT SEX!
Goblin and human!
They're having HOT SEX!
Steamy and wet!
Because of HOT SEX,
True love is bloomin'...
Reading 'bout the hot sex,
Now I need a cigarette!

Wayne (wayne) says:

Not only are there Ban Head Shots shirts, don't forget the Zombie Rights Campaign's Lurch for the Cure!

Wayne (wayne) says:

And why am I thinking of some Harry Potter slashfic written by Marigold in Questionable Content?

Frank (pokefan_frank) says:

What's scary is that there actually are books like this

@So it begins: You can turn it off?!? Teach me!

John Campbell (jcampbel) says:

The only working method I've found of creating links is to drag the little bookmark icon from Mozilla's URL bar or an active link elsewhere and drop it in the text box.


Doug Wykstra (dougthehead) says:

I vote that this comic be the very last strip in the next Skin Horse printed volume.

Kay Gilbert (kaygilbert) says:

@confusador & Frank: I have the lowest level account, too, but I have no problem embedding hyperlinks.  I write my comments in a Word doc on my Mac, which I've set up to automatically turn URLs into hyperlinks.  I cut and paste the comments into this box, and the hyperlinks and other formatting stay intact.

Shaenon Garrity (shaenongarrity) says:

The last panel should be on the back cover of every volume.
Cara d(^o^)b (carakaze) says:

@Shaenon: it *would* be awesome as the back of a sh volume! :D

Kay Gilbert (kaygilbert) says:

tune: "A day in the life," John Lennon & Paul McCartney (The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967)

I saw the news today, oh, boy
It looks like Justin Bieber changed his hair
Turned on the TV when Tip called
It's not the Bieb's best look
But it's not worth interrupting Sweetheart's and my favorite book
Goblin porn tuuuuurrrrrrrns uuuuuusssss oooooonnnnn

It sounds like Tip is freaking out
I don't think Bieber's hair can be the cause
What's got his panties in a knot?
Most nights, a lady's there
His peignoir should already be draped over his boudoir chair
Goblin porn tuuuuurrrrrrrns uuuuuusssss oooooonnnnn

John Campbell (jcampbel) says:

Is that book entitled "Blood Makeouts"?

woozy (woozy) says:

>>>Is that book entitled "Blood Makeouts"?

And who's the author?

>>>Goblin porn tuuuuurrrrrrrns uuuuuusssss oooooonnnnn

Well, it's not porn if you like it.

Rob (rrreed) says: I'm sorry, I do not know this "Justin <FNORD> Bieber" of which you speak. If he's yet another t(w)eenage heartthrob, get back to me in fifteen or twenty years—after the shine has rubbed off him.
Dave Estep (cyaegha) says:

 Ah, bubblegum pop. It will never go away. And remember, for a proper description of it, simply add an "o" to pop.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Egad.
Andrew Kunz (ampersand888) says:

"And in a stunning development, Justin Bieber has declared his love for April O'Neil stating, 'Yeah, I know you're old enough to be my grandmother, but if Romeo can do it with Mariah Carey, who am I to blame to wanting someone who was in cartoons before I was even born?'

Ms. O'Neil only released a statement saying, 'I am happy for Justin and me, and could someone please get me a dress, preferably not in yellow?'"

I could do this all week.

Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says:

Bieber is the new Cassidy

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Help Me Make It Through The Night", Kris Kristofferson)

Got the latest goblin porn ...
Reading all the dirty bits ...
But there's Tip now on the horn,
He's alarmed and having fits!

He says, "Turn on your TV,
And get ready for a scare!"
It's horrific, OMG!
Justin Bieber changed his hair!

    Man, it's awful, look at that!
    Even worse than Tip had said!
    Looks like some old mangy polecat
    Went and died atop his head!

Tip saw something on TV
Of which we are unaware ...
Worse than this, it could not be!
Justin Bieber changed his hair!

Johnn Reynolds (sleepyjohn) says:

Here's the big question: why is Tip alone in his bedroom?  Something not right there.

Jon W. (kd7sov) says:

@Johnn: Honestly, that doesn't look all that much like a bedroom to me. Though I could be wrong.

Besides, it's entirely possible that any other parties are asleep or in the bathroom.

Sam Daniel (samhdaniel) says:

It seems obvious to me that Tip would have absolutely no need or use for a TV in his boudoir, and no time to watch it if he did have one....

Brian Petery (ugwump) says:

WhatWhat?  No more Beiber Bowl?

Been There Done That (btdt) says:

This comic needs to redeem itself for mentioning Justin Bieber.  There is only one way that can happen.  Unity needs to make him into a hat.

Ysabet Just Ysabet (theysabet) says:

Aw MAAANNN... **dismay** 

Woof Arf (woofnarf) says:


Michael Brewer (wusemajor) says:

....How does that even work?  Couldn't they have, I dunno, flooded the place again?

Just Here (justhere4coffee) says:

Without the convenient hurricane, it may have been suspicious when Bourbon Street suddenly became the River Bourbon...

Owl Who says South (owlsayssouth) says:

hey, everyone knows that bogs burn just as easily as Napalm.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Burning Down The House", Talking Heads)

Sweetheart!  Quick now, turn on the TV!
Oh my!  I can't believe what we see!
Wildfires ... in Lafitte Preserve,
Burning up the bog!

Searching!  Which channel is it on now?
Oh, no!  The Cypress swamp is gone now!
Timing ... is suspicious, no?
Burning up the bog!

    Since we left there, just two days,
    All at once, we see this blaze!
    Not coincidence, I fear!
    Now the living swamp's on fire!
    See the flames grow ever higher!
    Violet Bee's been here!  (Booo!)

Just how ... did Anasigma find it?
I'll bet ... that Mr. Green's behind it!
Kick off ... brand new story arc,
Burning up the bog!

Daibhid Ceannaideach (daibhidc) says:

If your aim is to destroy a sentient swamp, flooding it is unlikely to be the answer. It's not like she can drown. Depending on the circumstances, you might even end up with a bigger swamp.

Brian Petery (ugwump) says:

Wonderin' if Venus had time to rejoin her mama.

David Harmon (mental_mouse) says: I'm wondering how Gavotte's likely to take it....
M. Alan Thomas II (crazydreamer) says:

It would work best if you could drain/evaporate much of the liquid, first--I don't know if lighting the tree layer on fire would be sufficient to boil it off--it would burn quite merrily of you managed it.

Glenn Gorsuch (glenn) says:

Oh-oh.  Anasig blew it this time.  A hive mind with motile parts is very likely to scatter under such circumstances, each carrying the means to establish a new hive mind somewhere else...and if that new mind has sufficient storage space, I know I'd be making sure that those new minds knew under what circumstances they were formed...

Ysabet Just Ysabet (theysabet) says:

**nods at glenn's comment above** And you have to wonder if Swamp!Mama was also part of the animals, birds, fish, insects and microscopic organisms of the swamp, hm? It's hard to kill something like that; and there are some plants (like a southern type of scrub pine, for instance) whose seeds won't sprout until they've been toasted by wildfire-- they usually spring up in the aftermath of a lightning-strike.

Dave Corbett (mr_dave) says:

Also, won't a good part of the Cypress be under water? Things that are underwater tend not to burn quite as readily...

Brian Petery (ugwump) says:

I expect that as long as the Bottle Grove survives there will be a Cypress.

Shoulda used Agent Orange.  There's places in Viet Nam were nothing grows to this day.

Y'know... when I was a kid there used to be all kinds of reports on the news about toxic chemical spills...

Mark SHANKS (drhistory) says:

Just because she forgets....and sews bits on with the wrong thread which shrinks & breaks in the hot cycle...

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Dirty Laundry", Don Henley)

Readin' goblin porn now, and kickin' back,
When Tip calls up to interrupt our morning snack ...
Tells us of this strange attack
While we're doing laundry!

Is it for revenge now?  Well, it could be ...
It's hard to hurt collective en-ti-ty,
'Cept, of course, when Unity
Tries to do the laundry!

    Darn, I lost an arm!
    Darn, I lost an eye!
    Still, no lasting harm!
    Tell Tip we said hi!

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Oh, Anasigma. What have you done?
M. Alan Thomas II (crazydreamer) says:

@soitbegins: If it was me, started a war. The legs are going back on Mustachio!

In reality, probably earned some dark manipulation by Gavotte and Gold Bug et al. in which our heroes will be only pawns and completely unaware of what's really going on up until the end, when it will be explained over tea.

M. Alan Thomas II (crazydreamer) says:

. . . I just used "in reality" to refer to the Skin Horse universe.

Brian Bogue (badbear) says:

@M.Alan Thomas II  Reality is over rated

Rand Brittain (rand_brittain) says:

So, based on the "If I Ran the Zoo" title, the team Gavotte is going to send is herself. Which is honestly probably the best decision if you want to investigate a wildfire.

Who will be in charge? Will it be Nick? That would be the best thing, I think.

woozy (woozy) says:

Good thinking.  I was figuring that the idea of "a" team would probably mean it wouldn't be our heros after all. but then I couldn't figure if it isn't the trio who *would* it be.   Didn't think of Gavotte herself, nor did I think that would be the lead into "If I Ran the Zoo"  Good call. 

Adam (10-0-0-1) says: So we may get to see the beehive herself in action? This is going to be fun. Also I wish that the shoe adbots would realize that Tip is a character in the strip and not a reader they can target.
woozy (woozy) says:

>>So we may get to see the beehive herself in action? This is going to be fun.

Actually, I think this may be one of those center off-center things where although Gavotte has the action in New Orleans we don't see any of it, and instead watch Tip in charge of a quickly deteriorating office in her absence.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Sweetheart looks awecutesome in that last panel.
Ray Dillinger (bear) says: Bees. Smoke. Not a particularly good combination.
Dieter M. (tangerine) says:

Note, UNITY is not alive.

Jeffrey Channing Wells (channing) says: "Exist Deathlessly to Serve" is harder to say.
Brian Petery (ugwump) says:

Merely "Existing Deathlessly" ain't what I'd call livin'.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Johnny B. Goode", Chuck Berry)

Outside o' New Orleans, down Lou'siana way,
Way out in the bayou where mosquitos play,
Where the catfish swimmin' and the gators chomp,
There lives our friend the Cypress, the sapient swamp!
Who seems to be confronted with a ghastly fate,
So we're sending a team now to in-ves-ti-gate!

   Oh, bees!  Bees, if you please!
   Bees!  Bees, if you please!
   Geez!  Geez, look at these!
   They're bees!  Bees, if you please!
   Bees!  Bees Who Gavotte!

Now way back to the east, in Washington DC,
Skin Horse is discussing this emergency!
Fire gettin' higher, making quite a mess!
It's such a ghastly business, such unpleasantness!
The foul play has to end, so someone has to go
And discover what the trouble is in old N.O.!
   (repeat CHORUS)

(guitar break ... picture a swarm of bees riffing on a vintage Les Paul)

Now while Gavotte is heading out to save the day,
Who will be the one in charge while she's away?
Tip or Nick or Sweetheart or Unity,
Or, hey, Moustachio would be something to see!
There's gonna be some comedy, and mayhem too,
Yeah, it'll be a total zoo!
   (repeat CHORUS)

Dave Estep (cyaegha) says:

This strip runs on irony.

Frank (pokefan_frank) says:

Love Gavotte's map! "Much unpleasantness here," "Ghastly business here"

Also love Unity's logical analysis of the situation: "Pretzels!"

E.T. the Eccentric Type (et_the_eccentric_type) says:

@Rand Brittain: I thought smoke put bees to sleep.

Brian Petery (ugwump) says:

Smoke triggers an emergency response in bees to "save the hive."  Since they can't fight fire by stinging it they gather as much stuff as they can and prepare to move to a safer (i.e. not on fire) location.

Dave Corbett (mr_dave) says:

woozy (woozy) says: 

[...] watch Tip in charge of a quickly deteriorating office in her absence.

 I think I need more coffee — I first read that as "watch Tip in charge of quickly decorating the office in her absence." Mind you, that could be amusingly disastrous as well...

woozy (woozy) says:

Welp,  If you're too eager to call it, you always run the risk of getting it dead wrong.

Norman Thallheimer (normanrt) says:

Excuse me, but is that a distraction over there?  And if so, who is supposed to be distracted?

So far Sweetheart seems distracted...

Andy Wetmore (efogoto) says:

If Sweetheart's *really* good, does she get to go to Akron too?

D. Connolly (theogrin) says:

I wonder if they'll be making a stop at the Wendy's in Elyria.

James Rice (jhrice) says:

They'll only stop if they have a discount coupon.

(confusador) says:

Oh, no!  Gavotte should know better than to split the party!

Kay Gilbert (kaygilbert) says:

Don't worry Tip.  You said. "Any town I'm in is a party town," but Cleveland always was one, so you'll fit right in.  And don't miss Armao's Pizza on Euclid Avenue.  Cleveland rocks!

Dave Estep (cyaegha) says:

 Cleveland does indeed rock.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Cleveland Rocks", Ian Hunter) (really, did you expect anything else?)

(Two teams!  ....  Two teams!  ... Two teams!)
Aaa-wooo! Aaa-wooo! Aaa-wooo! Aaa-wooo!
Aaa-wooo! Aaa-wooo! Aaa-wooo! Aaa-wooo!

Now Tip is saying, "Oh, dearie,"
This could be bad, he fears!
They're heading up to Lake Erie,
And Sweetheart, she's all ears!
Sweetheart and Tip, now they're takin' a trip
To Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!)
To the Mid-West, where the crisis is best!
Going ...
Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!)
Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!)

The team is leaving in a rush,
A pair of agents will do ...
This new adventure is hush-hush,
And inexplicable, too!
Will they be near to the Wendy's in Elyria?
Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!)
Ev'ry last man of the Farago clan,
Going ...
Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!)
Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!) Cleveland! (Wag!)

(But why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh?)

joe dreyfuss (jdreyfuss) says:

No, go to Compola's Tasty Pizza on Mayfield. Best in the city by far.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

OK, I know you're not supposed to explain the joke, but ... the line in the second verse (about this adventure being inexplicable) is a shout-out to the webcomic "The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob", by James Cleaveland.  And yes, he rocks.

David Harmon (mental_mouse) says: Sweetheart's getting her own "working vacation", yay! I can't wait to see just what she loves so much about that particular city....
Vlad Taltos (flyingfish) says:

Tom Powell (top1950) says:

Um.., doesn't Gavotte remember why 'Floor 12' had to be sealed off back in "Borrowers?"  Wasn't that from putting Unity in charge of getting rid of wood ants...?!?  Uh-Oh! 

Hope FEMA still has some temporary shelters standing by!

Brian Bogue (badbear) says:

Who Said Unity was going to be in charge?  Nick might be the team leader.

Wayne (wayne) says:

They could check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Elyria isn't too bad, I got married in Oberlin which is a really nice little town (except for the mosquitos).

Rodford Smith (stickmaker) says:


She wants to keep this hush-hush, so she's sending the ADHD zombie and the anti-social guy with an attack aircraft body?!

Brian Petery (ugwump) says:

Tip seems to be dealing with his allergy anxiety rather well.

Liz Butler (hypothetical_woman) says:

Awww, I love how Sweetheart's ears just flip right up like that!

@Stickmaker - well, yeah, I bet Nick can carry one of those enormous water buckets they use to put out forest fires, and Unity's practically scenery in New Orleans, so it makes sense, right?

Mason Kramer (masonk) says:

So I suppose we're not finished seeing our favorite morgue employee slash parts dealer.

joe dreyfuss (jdreyfuss) says:

"So I suppose we're not finished seeing our favorite morgue employee slash parts dealer."


Hmm, might our merry litle band gain another fully human member?

David Harmon (mental_mouse) says: And even an extra 5% zombie?
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