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Shaenon: Uncle Squirrelly created his very own Unity using the DAZ3D modeling software. Check it out!

Thanks so much, Squirrelly!

Channing: You crazy kids and your 3D modeling programs! Also, stay off my lawn. But for seriously though, nice work. Unity's skin tones are appropriately disorienting here. Also, I think it's great that you have also used your computer to make secret naughty pictures of a character I'm writing about. This is the first covert Internet-generated fan-erotica I've had!

...that I've known about.

Shaenon: Oh! Oh! And in non-Skin-Horse news, I've got a Kickstarter drive going to fund the publication of a two-volume omnibus edition of my previous strip, Narbonic. It will be boss. Details here.

Jonathan Marinaro (teddymarinaro) says:

Heh, you shoulda seen the Dave/Helen Genderbending stuff from Narboni......waitaminute.... what narbon crossfic? There's no narbon crossfic.....

woozy (woozy) says:

If that's Sweatheart, she's actually kinda scary.

Kay Gilbert (kaygilbert) says:

To paraphrase Shaenon, "Dude, she's gonna waste us with her awesome rack."

Kenneth Tyssen (thekenneth) says:

I always thought Unity was sexy.  Now I know it!

Just Here (justhere4coffee) says:

Now we know why Unity wears those rather formless hoodies all the time - it's to stop Tip getting distracted!

She's mentioned having "going-out" boobs before I believe; perhaps these are her "staying in" ones?

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Poison Ivy", The Coasters)

The girl who's stolen our hearts,
Constructed out of spare parts ...
We get to take a sneak peek
At the girl with the killer physique!

    Rendered 3-D ...
    Rendered 3-D ...
    Sunday morning, bright and early,
    Uncle Squirrelly made a girly
    For me!

For genital model ...
The lady parts, she's got all!
Her hair was a nightmare,
'Cause it's two-tone above and "down there"!
   (repeat CHORUS)

In 3-D you can render,
You'd better stretch and bend her,
Before she goes out Lurchin' For The Cure ...
'Cause in your tracks you're stopping
If stitches you start popping,
And peeps, that's so embarrassing, for sure!

Although her outfit's skimpy,
Her muscles are not wimpy!
Her patchy skin we all see,
She's symmetic bi-la-ter-al-ly!
    (repeat CHORUS)

Andrew Kunz (ampersand888) says:

You mention your kickstarter project and it's already fully funded one hour in. Seriously, I think you aimed too low.

Michael Farren (mike_farren) says:

What's with these 3D modeling programs, anyway?  Seems like the smallest bust size they have is 38DD.  The only ex-girlfriend I've had that was that size HATED them.  Back pain, at least, not to mention the gravity problems as she got older.  The incidence of bust reduction surgery isn't small, either.


Brian Bogue (badbear) says:

@Michael, could it be that 3D modeling programs are designed by geek fan boys who like top heavy super heroines? 

Kay Gilbert (kaygilbert) says:

@Michael, 3D modeling programs are designed by geek fan boys who pack onto one heroine all the breasts that they'll never touch in the real world.

Michael Farren (mike_farren) says:

Hell, they're breasts they'll never SEE in the real world, either.  It all reminds me of a series of cartoons by the great furry cartoonist Doug Winger, where one of his characters, being drawn in the presence of your typical fanboys, ends up with tits that he draws bigger, and bigger, and bigger as the fanboy keeps going "More!  More!", until she ends up face-down on the floor, pinned by her own superstructure, and abour ready to kill the fanboy and Winger, both.  In my own (long lost, sad to say) youth, I've had girlfriends from A cup to the before-mentioned DD, and have to say that the size never made any difference to me.


Kirk Journy (uncle_squirrely) says:

Funny, this reminds me of all the fuss about making Barbie more 'realistic' by shrinking her bust, while ignoring her outrageously oversized head and eyes.

'The Girl' morph is intended as an anime' figure base.   Thus, oversized head, eyes and bust.

Having said that, I had fun just exagerating everything for the silliness factor.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Believe me, it's better not to know.

Or just get your fans to write original erotic fiction instead.
John Taylor (barkingmonkey) says:

I always imagined the dark complexioned parts of her to be, well, darker - especially the face.  It also never made sense to me that her nose would be two-toned.  Wouldn't it be hard to find two exactly matching nose-halves from different individuals? On the other hand if you stiched up two non-matching halves there should be more shape distortion I would think.

lv xiaok (lvxk) says:

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