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Shaenon: Sandy Caesar drew this dramatic sketch of Tip's oft-alluded-to military service. Write Sandy:

CAPTION: 1st Lt. Dennis "Tip" Wilkin earns the Bronze Star and promotion to Captain for his rescue of three wounded soldiers from his burning HMMWV. Wilkin is a liaison from PSYOPS Command, attached to Divisional HQ Company, 10th Mountain Division.

I figured that a psychologist would probably be part of PSYOPS in Afghanistan, and I figured that he'd be in the Army about two years before his involvement with Skin Horse began (which was when 10th Mountain was in Afghanistan, unless I seriously screwed up my research). It would also give me an excuse to put him in mess dress, since Army BDUs/ACUs are unisex and he wouldn't be out patrolling in a skirt and heels - he said early on in the comic that he wasn't a field agent - although he'd still have to pull some strings to be allowed in Mess Uniform while doing paperwork.

Which means that for a desk jockey not normally subject to ambushes, he's pretty badass.

Sandy later corrected that Tip is in Army Service uniform here, not mess dress. Thanks, Sandy!

Channing: It's a good thing you corrected that, Sandy, because I totally noticed and was bothered by that. I was just sitting there thinking, Geez, what is Sandy talking about because this is so totally an Army Service uniform.

(Insert cricket noises here)

Okay, I'm a liar. I don't know jack from squat. Maybe I should have had more Life Experiences in my twenties that didn't consist of moving pieces of paper from one floor of a building to another floor of a building.

William Hostman (aramis) says:

It's unlikely that anything other than BDUs would be worn in theater. Also, the ACU is the default work uniform for all grades and almost all assignments.

This ACU-only mode really makes the US Army look sloppy as hell these days. The only time I've seen an Army dress uniform recently has been at funerals...

Tom Powell (top1950) says:

Yeah, but you know Tip would wear a dress if it's at all possible.  He probably bought it specifically for travel situations, and had it altered to fit him more stylishly! 

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

(TUNE: "Juke Box Hero", Foreigner)

A few years ago, in Afghanistan,
An Army patrol, near Pakistan,
With a PSYOPS guy, in skirt and hose,
We all thought he was ... a bit weird, I suppose ...
When an IED (BOOM!)
Made the world turn red!
In a burning HUMVEE,
We all thought we were dead!

Then he pulled me out ... I can't tell how it feels
To get carried to safety, by a guy in heels!
When that IED (BOOM!)
Blew us all to hell,
It was something to see!
What a story to tell,
When that IED ...
When it went kablooey,
We were saved, all three,
By that weird first Louie!

Said the Army Command,
"He's a hero, we guess."
So they all shook his hand,
Put a medal on his chest ...

He was a
Got scars on his back!
A True Blue Hero, survived the attack!
(from an IED)
A True Blue Hero, a Bronze Star he got!
A True Blue Hero, our Tip ...
Really looking hot!

Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says:

The new grey/green pixelated camo is pretty effective. For the first time in 30years of driving on Army bases, I have to concentrate at crosswalks to make sure I haven't missed one in the background.

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