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Gemma Thomas

Character Bio: Street Mix

Gemma Thomas
Major: Astronomy

Gemma, Micki's roommate, smokes a lot of pot, screws a lot of casual acquaintances, swears like a longshoreman, and is generally having a perfectly splendid time at Smithson. She's nominally studying astronomy, but seems incapable of attending classes, doing any work, or, for that matter, correctly pronouncing the name of her major. She has a campus job at the college library, where the head librarian is pissing her off. She and Selena hate each other.

Unbeknownst to either her friends or her enemies, Gemma is very, very smart, and the Smithson administration will most likely continue to indulge her until she hunkers down and squeezes out an annus mirabilis. Until then, everyone has to put up with her, because she ain't going nowhere.

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Shaenon GarrityShaenon K. Garrity loves Andrew Farago.

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Brian MooreBrian Moore (Chapter 3 Page 25 - present) is an illustrator, animator, and web designer, and creator of the animated web serial Teddy & Anna.

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Roger LangridgeRoger Langridge (special art sequences) was born in New Zealand in 1967. He decided to become a cartoonist when he was six years old; for some reason it stuck (perhaps because it was more attainable than his previous career goal of "mad scientist"). Roger drew a lot of comics with his brother Andrew when he was growing up. Eventually one of these evolved into Art Dekko (later "Art d'Ecco"), which was his first minicomic, in 1988. And things sort of rolled on from there ... Roger moved to London in 1990 to try and go professional, and somehow got lucky. He now lives there with his wife Sylvie, their daughter Tamsin and somebody else's cat.

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Robert StevensonBob Stevenson (Chapter 1 Page 1 - Chapter 3 Page 24) has refused to draw on the right side of the brain since someone taught him that brains have sides. Instead, he wanders the globe posing as a teacher. In private, he pushes lead, charcoal, ink and pixels whenever opportunities present themselves.

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