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Necreshaw. They're our neighbors. Too bad they're going to eat us!

Hi everybody. My name is Theodore Roebuck and I am a graphic novelist for  Horror is my joy, but I also do sci-fi and fantasy from time to time.  The above story is about an underworld society that feeds on the surface dwellers.  Sounds a lot like the Morlocks from the Time Machine, I know.  That movie was an influence along with Metropolis and Silent Hill.

The Story itself, will be about 150 pages long.  I must warn that it has explicit scenes of violence, gore, and occasional nudity.  My goal was to bring a more serious level to the horror industry, where it feels like you are watching a movie.  I don't know if I have reached that, but I did have fun in the attempt.

I hope you enjoy.  If you wish to see my other works, than please visit me at

Thanks TR

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