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Hi my name is Ted and I am somewhat new to this community.  My two passions are horror and 3-D art and I have combined them to do a graphic horror novel called 'Necreshaw'.  It is a work-in-progress but I hope you will enjoy what I have so far.  The script is about 150 pages long, so I have a good ways to go on this. I will try to post a few pages on every week.

A word of warning, 'Necreshaw' has elements of violence, gore, and occasional nudity. I did my best to model this book after your typical rated 'R' horror movie. 

I hope you all like my work.  If you want to see other graphic novels that I have done, you can go to or just click on the homepage button.

Thanks again everybody for having me. I hope you like Necreshaw, for it has been and still is a fun project that I am working on. 


Ted R.

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