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NAME: Ardon Jace (A.J.)
RACE: Human
HOMEWORLD: Bel Sollace

A.J. attended the Bel Sollace Starfleet Academy with Bale Calistas. After graduating from the Academy, A.J. was stationed on the "Hurricane," A star-cruiser under the command of Admiral SoDeck.

After serving his 5 year tour, A.J. left starfleet, against the protests of Bale, claiming he'd never fight another war.

He lived with his girlfriend Sky on the forest world Shoal-Klai for a few years prior to the Aboshi Incident.

After the Bel Sollace Empire implemented a draft, effectively recalling all current and former soldiers, A.J. joined the crew of the Storm-Runner starship working for another former soldier named Slade. Back to the Cast Page

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