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NAME: Saibo Rallic
RACE: Ijiudon
ALLIANCE: Aboshi Alliance

Saibo Rallic was born on Ijiuda-Rom where, at the age of 4, he was enlisted in the Jiu Moa School of Martial Arts.

After spending 14 years perfecting the arts, he enlisted in the Bolla-Rom Militia Forces (One of the closest Allies of the Bel Sollace Empire)

During the Daloxian Wars he frequently went on joint operations with Stealth Squadron where he became good friends with Bale Calistas.

After the destruction of Aboshi Station 7831, Saibo volunteered to reenlist in the BRMF just before the formation of the Aboshi Alliance. After this new Coalition was formed, he was stationed on the Blazing Star.

He's currently serving as First Officer under the command of Bale Calistas on Stealth Squadron. Back to the Cast Page

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