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Billy Rabbit
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Billy Rabbit

Once a week
The invisible lion roams free looking for prey.
I had a lot of fun drawing this one. I didn't realize that this one might not stand on its own very well as I didn't mention that the lion is imaginary. Hopefully everyone has read the comic before this one. I might actually get two out this week if my computer will let me. I did a slight fix on the Billy Rabbit shirt at
Timothy Hoch (extango) says: I don't get it?? Where is the invisible lion?? I think Billy Rabbit and Crazy Guy in Monster Suit should have a crossover.
Steven Hardoin (shardoin) says: What you don't see him? Are you blind? A crossover is a really good idea. I've immediately come up with an idea. Its going to have to be after at least a couple more Crazy Guy in Monster suit strips. I only have 3 now.
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