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Billy Rabbit
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Billy Rabbit

Once a week
Sheriff bing bing bing Ricochet Rabbit. Thanks to all who voted on Webcomicz and keep voting. The link is still on the bottom of the page. Keep checking back these next few weeks. I have some good ones coming. You'll see. I have a bad feeling that many people won't get this one, but I still like it.
Timothy Hoch (extango) says: Is Kiki suposed to be Deputy Droop Along?
Timothy Hoch (extango) says: Why havent I gotten my dose of Crazy Guy in Monster Suit?
Steven Hardoin (shardoin) says: Yeah Kiki is Deputy Droop along. I try to at least get on Crazy Guy in Monster Suit out each month. Hopefully, I'll get one out soon. If anyone reading this has never seen Ricochet Rabbit check youtube for it. It's good. Of course how could it be possible that anyone hasn't seen Sheriff bing bing bing, Ricochet Rabbit.
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