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Billy Rabbit
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Billy Rabbit

Once a week
Timothy Hoch (extango) says:

Pretty good. Reminds me of the time I went skiing in Nebraska. I was with this tour guide and he told me he would take me sight seeing after lunch. I had the all you can eat perch, it was pretty good. I remember I rented a blue car that day, or was it red, I can't remember. I was driving the car down the road thinking of buying a new jacket when suddenly the stoplight turned red. On the corner thre was Blockbuster Video, so I decided I wanted to go in but when the light turned green I remembered that I only paid for three days of parking at the resort I was staying at and I had to wait until Friday, which was payday to pay for the rest of the week. The gas station was full that day. I remember it well because I already had a full tank of gas and thinking how lucky I was that I didn't have to wait in line. There was a stange man at the liquor store about 2 1/2 miles from the gas station who was wearing sunglasses and holding a tin cup wanting people to put money in it for him. I guess he might have been blind since he had a sign that said  "BLIND PLEASE HELP".  I think I put like $3 in his cup, or it was nothing, I can't remember. Yep, this comic sure brings back memories!!!

Jennifer Lentz (passiel) says:

I don't think that was a liquor store you went into.  The only places to ski in Nebraska are dry counties.  And the people there are pretty rude too!

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