Michael Short ||   

Michael Short holds a degree in Illustration from SUNY Fredonia, located in Western New York.   His career in the visual arts has taken him from being an ad agency intern to an assistant editor at Marvel Comics and everything in between.  His comics have appeared in the SUNY Fredonia Leader, indie zine 20 Sided Die, and the website www.yesand.com/makeemups.  He's also designed postcard illustrations for performance groups Surf 'n' Turf and The Last Picture Show.

Michael Short has studied improv with the Cleveland charter of the famous Second City and here in New York with the Magnet Theater. He’s studied with Armando Diaz, Jean Villepique, James Eason and a name-drop worthy roster of teachers and coaches.  He has appeared in numerous improv shows over the years, including Teen Movie High, Conflikt of Interest, and Sunny-Side Up. Early in 2007 he developed "The Comic Book," a live improvised comic book inspired show.  Currently, he can be seen performing with his group Canadian Girlfriend at venues around NYC.