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Lisa Jennings

Lisa Jennings
Age: 26

Location: Darlington, Country Durham, North East UK

I was born in 1980 on 27th december. Yes I kept my poor mother in hospital on boxing day. I was born in the South East of the UK, eldest of six.

Since I can remember I have alway been drawing, colouring and writing. I focused on Art in school and college. I studied to A level in college, and this was when I was first introduced to Photoshop and digital work in graphic design.

Although soon afterwards I left home and worked full time for the next 5 years, before I took my art seriously, and took the leap to pursue a career in Art. I am self taught in Photoshop, developing new methods of colouring and art.

Since I was a kid I loved Graphic Novels. I was always in the library reading them or at home. I always loved the journey they took you on. I tried coloring comics nearly two years ago now and found how much I loved it, giving the story an extra element. I have been hooked coloring comics ever since, and here I am!

I now live in County Durham, in the North East of England, with my Fiancé Jim, and our 4 cats, 3 fish and 2 rats....yes I know a menagerie!

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